The Snakepit

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The Snakepit
Full name The Snakepit national stadium
Location Svorgas, Senya
Broke ground 2013
Built 2014
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Capacity 115,000 (with standing)
92,270 (all seater)
Field dimensions 110x69m
Senya national football team

The Snakepit is a football stadium in Svorgas, Senya, and is the home of the Senyan national football team.
The Stadium was built in 2014 on the site of the National Rugby Stadium and has a capacity of 115,000. The stadium is notorious for its t Verte Val stand and usage of safe standing. In all-seater configuration, the stadium holds 92,270.


All the stands connect around at the corners, but each of the stands has a name. The pitch runs North-South, with the t Verte Val and the South Stand behind the goals. Except for t Verte Val, each of the stands have two tiers each.

t Verte Val

t Verte Val (English: The Green Wall) is the main stand in the Snakepit located on the north side of the stadium. It holds 50,000. The stand employs safe standing, by which seats are on rails which can be lifted to accommodate standing or be lowered to make seats, depending on the competition regulations. It is the home of the Naldas supporters group.
The stand has a reputation of being where the hardcore Naldas supporters watch, and is often home of flares and massive choreographies, involving the Senyan flag. Fans often wave large flags from this stand during play.

East Stand

The East Stand is a stand holding 23,000. This stand is home to the Young Greens supporters group, and is often promoted as the Family stand. In the corner with the West Stand, there is the disabled fans section, which can house upto 1,500 disabled supporters. This stand is also popular with the Komovoren.
Dispite being known for being a family area, the stand is still very noisy during games.

South Stand

The South Stand is a stand holding 19,000. The top two tiers of this stand houses a mix of Naldas and Komovoren supporters. The bottom tier of the stand is used by away fans, with the away section having a capacity of 6,000. The entrances for the away fans are physically separate and once inside away fans cannot get into other parts of the stadium. The away section utilises rail seats, which can be lowered to form seats or raised to form barriers for standing room, depending on the wishes of the visiting team.

West Stand

The West Stand is a stand holding 23,000. This stand houses a mix of Naldas and Komovoren supporters. At the far end and in the corner with the East Stand houses the Away fans. This is the side in which houses the main commentary gantries, alongside the camera platforms, and the media sections. This is also the stand with the tunnel, and with the two dugouts.


2017 FMF World Cup
Date Stage Score
7 July 2017 Group stage Senya Senya 0–2 Lakkvia Lakkvia
12 July 2017 Hamland Hamland 1–5 Alexandria Alexandria
21 July 2017 Birgeshir Birgeshir 4–0 Gerenia Gerenia
26 July 2017 Nova England Nova England 0–1 Mercury Mercury
3 August 2017 Quarter-final Senya Senya 3–1 Birgeshir Birgeshir
13 August 2017 Final Senya Senya 1–2 Tellia Tellia
2022 Copa Apollonia
Date Stage Score
9 July 2022 Group stage Senya Senya 1–0 Lamantia Lamantia
17 July 2022 Tiana Tiana 1–1 Senya Senya
23 July 2022 Final Senya Senya 2–1 Raspur Raspur

The stadium is mainly used by the Senya national football team, for its home games. It served as a host venue for seven games during the 2017 FMF World Cup, including the opening match and the final. Domestically, the stadium is used for Kopa Sanya and Senyan League Cup finals, along with Senyan League play-offs.

Between July and December, the stadium is also used to host occasional Rugby League and Rugby Union games, mainly tournament finals.

The stadium building houses the administrative headquarters of FADESS, the Naldas, the Senyan League, Senyan Rugby League and Senyan Rugby Union.

Preceded by:
Oesst Whiteside
FMF World Cup
final venue

Succeeded by
Büjük Birvij Stadium