Revolution Road

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Revolution Road
Revolution Road Stadium.jpg
Full name Revolution Road Association Football Stadium
Location Jogasim, Senya
Broke ground 2010
Built 2011–2012
Owner Jogasim Revolution Football Club
Operator Revolution Road Stadium ltd
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Two
Construction cost £196,031,328
Architect Matt's Architects
Project manager Jonathan Galtzard
Capacity 64,000
Record attendance 63,617
(Jogasim Revolution v FK Tiga, 27 October 2012)
Field dimensions 110x69m
Jogasim Revolution FC

Revolution Road is a football stadium in Jogasim, Senya, and is the home of Jogasim Revolution Football Club. The stadium is located toward the north of the city, near Jogasim Airport in the suburb of Loshampton.
The Stadium was built in 2012 as a new home for Jogasim Revolution, who had been entered into the first Senyan Top League season.
The Stadium has a capacity of 64,000, and its record attendance is 63,617, which was set in a Top League fixture between Jogasim Revolution and FK Tiga on 27 October 2012. The stadium is able to hold Football, Rugby Union and Rugby League fixtures, with all stands being able to slide back on rails to accommodate an athletics track.


Highest attendance: 63,811 - Senya 1–3 Craitland, Friendly, 22 June 2013
Highest attendance (first home game of season, all-seater): 63,491 - Jogasim Revolution 2–1 Svorgas Scitenhima, Senyan Top League, 4 August 2012