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A visa is a permit, usually of a time limited and conditional nature, which permits the bearer to travel lawfully from his home country to and within a host nation, whether for work or pleasure. On Micras the arrangements for obtaining and using a travel visa vary wildly between the thirty or so jurisdictions widely recognised as possessing sovereignty by virtue of membership of the MCS. Some countries require that their citizens and subjects, as well as foreign travellers, obtain an "exit visa" to be allowed to leave the country.

Visa requirements by nation

Nation Visas
Akhidia Akhidia
Bassarid Periphery Bassarid Periphery
Çakaristan Çakaristan Foreign relations of Çakaristan
Calbion Calbion Foreign relations of Calbion
Cisamarra Cisamarra
Constancia Constancia Foreign relations of Constancia
Craitland Craitland
Dark Berry Islands Dark Berry Islands
Elwynn Elwynn Visa policy of Elwynn
Floria Floria Foreign relations of Floria
Goëtia Goëtia
Haifo-Pallisica Haifo-Pallisica
Highpass Highpass
Hurmu Hurmu Visa policy of Hurmu
International Mandate International Mandate
Jääland Jääland
Kalgachia Kalgachia
Kurum Ash-Sharqia Kurum Ash-Sharqia
Lac Glacei Lac Glacei
Liberty Liberty
Lostisland Lostisland
Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Mercury Mercury Visa requirements in Mercury
Mondosphere Mondosphere
Natopia Natopia Foreign affairs of Natopia
New Batavia New Batavia
Nouvelle Alexandrie Nouvelle Alexandrie
Phineonesian Confederation Phineonesian Confederation
Ralgon Ralgon
Ransenar Ransenar
Réunion Réunion
Sanama Sanama Foreign relations of Sanama
Sankt Ludwigshafen Sankt Ludwigshafen
Senya Senya Visa policy of Senya
Shireroth Shireroth Visa policy of Shireroth
South Sea Islands South Sea Islands Foreign policy of the South Sea Islands
Suren Suren
Tellia Tellia
The Hexarchy The Hexarchy Foreign affairs of The Hexarchy
Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Foreign relations of the Unified Governorates of Benacia
Voxland and Westland Voxland and Westland
Zeed Zeed