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Svorgas District Football League

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Svorgas District Football League
Countries Senya Senya
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
First season 2012–13
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 5
Domestic cup(s) Kopa Sanya
International cup(s) AEFA Cup (via Kopa Sanya)

The Svorgas District Football League (also known as the Svorgas League) is a football league representing clubs in the Svorgas District. The club lies at the 5th tier of Senyan football, one place below the bottom tier of the Senyan League. The league promotes to the Senyan Fourth League.


As with all leagues in the Senyan 5th tier, the league champions enter a play-off with the champions of the three other 5th level leagues to determine who gains promotion. If the Svorgas champions are promoted, and a Svorgas District team is relegated, they take each others' spots in the next season's pyramid. If the Svorgas champions are promoted but no Svorgas District team is relegated, then the Svorgas League will elect a new member from the ranks of amateur football. If the Svorgas champions are not promoted but a Svorgas District team is relegated, then the team that finishes bottom of the league will be relegated out of the league.



Teams 2017–18

  • Bala United
  • Chapelfield Gardens
  • Kimmington Athletic
  • North Bucklingham United
  • Oznak
  • Redworth Town
  • Saxlingham United
  • Svorgas Enigma
  • Svorgas Purple
  • Townend
  • Volderdash
  • Zvarye