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Sheng Garden

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Tianchao Jingdao
Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png

Constitution of the Empire

Emblem Household.png Heavenly Light

The Chidao Emperor

Imperial Household | Imperial Stewardship

Teachings of the Empire
Tianchaodao | Jingbuist Absolutism | Chidaoism

Emblem of the Grand Secretariat.png Grand Secretariat

Emblem Diwang.png Diwang

Ministries & Secretariats:

Ministry of Truth | Ministry of Purity | Ministry of Stability

Chao Suweiai formerly known as National Diet

Gong Suweiai | Sifang Suweiai

Defunct: Emblem Seanad.png The Seanad | The Imperial Yuan Emblem Yuan.png

Political Factions:

Guanchang | Kantai-ha (Navy) | Gunbatsu (Army) | Shanghu (Traders)

Defunct:Kuominliantang logo.png Kuominliantang | Nokarodo logo.png Nokarodo Faction | Badao logo.png Badao Party

Other institutions

Tianchao Chuandui | Imperial Armed Forces | Young Wandering Society | Tegong


Sheng Garden is a large square in Daocheng (capital of Jingdao) near the Haigui Palace. Lined up around the plaza, boulevards and palace complex are the most important Ministries which make up the Grand Secretariat. Because of this, the name 'Sheng Garden' has become a metonym to refer to the administration and civil service of the Jingdaoese Empire.

Important locations

  • Sheng Garden 10: Ministry of Truth (Main Office)
  • Sheng Garden 12: Ministry of Purity (Main Office)
  • Sheng Garden 20 Changgong Headquarters: Ministry of Stability (Main Office)