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Lamantian Football League

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Lamantian Football League
Countries Lamantia Lamantia
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2012
Number of teams 12
Levels on pyramid 5
Domestic cup(s) FKFB-Pokal
Kopa Sanya
International cup(s) AEFA Champions' League

The Lamantian Football League is the top football league in the territory of Lamantia.




2017/18: FK Zvarëen
2018/19: FC Eintracht Tzult

Teams 2017–18

  • BV Lamnstadt
  • Dalek Bay FC
  • FC Dynamo Regensberg
  • FC Eintracht Tzult
  • FC Tsännerlauger
  • Fort Kolgrad Rangers
  • Hampton FC
  • KV Augustusgrad
  • Lamantia City FC
  • Port Jefferson Athletic
  • Redditch Town FC
  • SpVgg Greuther Tzult
  • Södenkamp FC