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Heimat Industries

Logo Sokoku Industries.png
Founded: 1584 AN (4557 ASC)
Headquarters: First Agnigrad, later Koningin Siserawerf
Area served: first A.R.S.E., afterwards the Jingdaoese Empire

Products: Steel, automotive products, shipbuilding, weaponry
Empoyees: 252,200

Sokoku Industries, formerly known as Heimat Industries, is a Jingdaoese - formerly Kildarian - company which was established in 1584 AN by the Kildarian entrepreneur Albert Heimat. The company had originally been a decent-sized mining company, but Albert dreamt big and transformed it into a conglomerate which included steel production and manufacturing of ammunition and armaments.


Heimat Steelworks in Agnigrad

The company was established in the year 1584 AN by the family Heimat, a wealthy family from Dalmacija, which had noticed that Kildare was slowly industrialising as a result of Kildarian independence. Desiring a piece of the cake, Albert Heimat started purchasing minor companies with the profits of his mining company. Some risqué loans proved worthwhile and investors were eventually found to help with its further expansion.

Albert Heimat chose the town of Agnigrad as headquarters for his new company and gathered his other wealthy family members behind him to invest in a bankrupt company which exploited an old gold mine. This gave him the personnel and expertise to search for new areas with gold. His actions were successful and lead to the discovery of one of the largest gold veins ever being found in the County of Dalmacija. The new technology and machines which were used gave him the benefit to dig deeper and his many successes gave him the opportunity to ask for a monopoly over all gold exploitation within the County, which he got.

The profits Albert made were used to reinvest in new projects: he bought some iron mines in Absentia and started exploiting them. This gave the the opportunity to make quality steel, which was shipped to Dalmacija, where it was used to make several new products. Heimat Industries quickly started focusing on steel products, manufacturing of ammunition and armaments and ships.

Logo Heimat Industries.png

A demise of the company followed around the year 5,000 ASC, but after the Revolution of 5552 massive investments by the new owner, Pollux Heimat, were successful as it became the sole supplier of the heavy dreadnought-type ships for the Navy.

During the start of the 7th millennium, Haribald Heimat announced the production of the Kattei-class battleships and the expansion of the company, after the purchase of 49% of the stocks by the Batavian government. An official move of the company headquarters to Koningin Siserawerf followed, as it became the main shipbuilding constructor of the Empire.

In 6458 ASC, the company was renamed to Sokoku Industries (Fatherland Industries). According to the board the new name represented the patriotic feelings towards their country. In 1679 Sokoku Industries bought the Gong Shipyards which were wholly owned by the Goburin Emperor. The deal was paid partly in cash, and partly in stock. No one in Sokoku Industries' board of directors was sure how it happened, but the acquisition of the much smaller company resulted in the situation where the Goburin Emperor held 50% of the shares of Sokoku Industries'.



While the profits from the gold industry gave Heimat Industries a collateral to expand in the steel and weapon industry, the focus lies on the creation of new weapons and ships.