Sisera Wharf

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The Koningin Siserawerf, renamed Sisera Wharf in 1672 AN, is the largest city in the province of Jinkeai. It's located at Lake Lamantia which grants it access to a safe inner sea (only accessible by one other nation: Senya).

It's the home to some of the largest docks in the Jingdaoese Empire and several important companies are located here. It became one of the more important Badaweian-Jingdaoese cultural centres after the Kingdom of Batavia's collapse. During the 1660's it saw the rise of a series of aid organisation with the goal of aiding the re-establishment of a Batavian state. The Badaweians enthusiastically supported the creation of an independent Batavia with their wallet, but when an official request of the Batavian authorities in 1669 AN came to invite the Badaweians to re-immigrate to Benacia, it fell on deaf ears. Further chaos in Benacia and far-going news stories about corruption and abuse of (political) power swayed many to remain within Jinkeai.

As industrial powerhouse, Sisera Warf is one of the main contributors to the naval rearmament efforts. It's home to the Sodaina-class, a grand battleship which was introduced to the Tianchao Haijun in 1680 AN.