Operation Vigilant Resolve

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Operation Vigilant Resolve
Date 08.VII.1674 –
Raspur Pact West Amokolia West Amokolia Kalgachia Kalgachia Verionist Republic
Commanders and leaders
Constantine Loup Arkadius IV of Batavia
  • "Deep Command"
  • Regina Verion
Units involved
Benacia Command
  • Iron Militia
  • Crisco Rebels

Operation Vigilant Resolve, beginning on 08.VII.1674, was a defensive operation aimed at increasing frontier security that was undertaken by Benacia Command, with the support of member nations of the Raspur Pact, following the Kalgachi occupation of the Upland Confederation and the revelation, from Elwynnese sources, of the extent of the dynastic and hegemonic ambitions of the King of Amokolia & Batavia.

The revelation of the extent of Amokolian ambition and designs for installing the King of Batavia upon the Golden Mango Throne drew the factious Vulture States together in common cause. In spite of border skirmishes and a general chaffing under the presumption of the Black Legions with regards to the exercise of supreme command over all allied forces in the Benacian theatre of operations, the "vultures" swiftly came to a ready consensus that the conquest of the eastern heartlands of the former Imperial Republic by a Batavian was deeply undesirable. In consequence of which they willingly made common cause to meet the newly perceived Amokolian threat and readily endorsed UGB proposals to establish a multinational force to watch the inter-Amokolian frontier established after the partition of Mishalan in 1673.

Because of the length of the frontier between Amokolia and Batavia on the one side and Elwynn and the Unified Governorates on the other, a reorganisation of of Benacia Command was necessitated - in this the Black Legions were obliged to cede their leadership function over the regional banner groups outside of the territories of the UGB to the rising national militaries of the Benacian Raspur Pact states that arose in succession to Shireroth after the Fracture. Responsibility for the Northern Banner Group accordingly passed to the Union Defence Force of Elwynn; The Drak-Modani Defense Force became the lead for the Southern Banner Group; whilst the Grand Army of Ransenar - with assistance from the Black Legions and Sovereign Confederation assumed overall control of the Eastern Banner Group. The Central and Western Banner Groups would however remain under the direct control of Benacia Command via the Black Legions, the instrument through which it had carved out the swathe of territory that became the Unified Governorates.

Even those states without a common frontier with Western Amokolia were alarmed by the prospect of a deeply destabilising lunge at Shirekeep by a new antikaiser; Ransenar, Sathrati, the Sovereign Confederation, and even distant Talenore, would each offer a contributory battalion towards a Multinational Force in Mishalan.

Concerns about the extent to which the democratically elected government of Batavia was aware and, more importantly, supportive of its King's ambitions with regards to the Golden Mango Throne resulted in a flurry of communiques between Merensk and Kingsworth, finally resulting in the receipt of discrete assurances from the mildly perturbed Prime Minister that Batavia had no intention of entangling itself in eastern Benacian matters and would remain neutral no matter how the Amokolian affair played out.

The operation was originally scheduled to conclude no later than XV.1676 upon the activation of the Vigilamus Network, however this was deferred and the forces deployed on the operation were instead utilised to garrison the fortifications.

After 24.VII.1678, the allied forces deployed as part of Operation Vigilant Resolve found themselves engaged in the opening stages of the Second Amokolian War.

Participants by contributing personnel

Raspur Pact

List of forces by number of military personnel
Country Number of Personnel Units Notes
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates 69,024 personnel
  • 20,326 legionaries
  • 14,400 mariners
  • 11,965 combat support troops
  • 6,408 airmen
  • 3,960 guardsmen
Streïkrupp Tsfurden
  • Hvaszunig Uihmanz Mishalan
  • Salb I Woyrsch
  • 303 Strategic Effect Regiment
  • 703 Tactical Effect Regiment
Streïkrupp Drüden
  • Hvaszunig IV Uihmanz
  • Saznan Darneï
  • Salb IV Aurangzeb
  • Salb XXX Vasilescu
  • Salb XXXII Popescu
  • Afzælt I Litkov
  • Cosimo Sea Flotilla
  • 305 Pathfinder (Electronic Warfare) Regiment
  • 701 Tactical Effect Regiment
  • 706 Maritime Operations Regiment

Streïkrupp Wérevsden

Elwynn Elwynn 58,765 personnel
  • 33,993 cudgellers
  • 12,880 combat support troops
  • 8,102 infantry
  • 2,488 airmen
  • 1,302 mariners
XXIII Combined Arms Corps
  • 10th Division "Zjandarian Guards"
  • 3rd Division "Livgardet Elenaran"
  • 12th Naval Division
  • 4th Tactical Aviation Division
Constancia/Raspur Euran Volunteers 20,713 volunteers
  • Aftokratorikoí Partizánoi tou Káizer Domínous (APKD)
  • Legeóna tis Prostátida Liv
Recruited by the Euran Destiny Party.
Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan
Ransenar 9,976 personnel Grand Army of Ransenar
  • 15/15th Dragoons Regiment
  • 24/9th Regiment of Rifles
  • 34/19th Regiment of Rifles
  • 44/29th Regiment of Rifles
  • 59/92nd Ransenari Gendarmes Regiment
  • 82/4th Signals Regiment
  • 114/4th Field Hospital
Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan
Natopia Natopia 9,519 personnel
  • 5,248 mariners
  • 1,949 airmen
  • 1,572 infantry
  • 750 support personnel
Natopian Navy
  • 2nd Exploratory Group
Natopian Army
Deployed to Amokolian Isles
Talenore Talenore 3,139 personnel
  • 1,837 servicemen
  • 1,302 airmen
89th (Talenore) Expeditionary Group
  • 53rd Fighter Squadron
  • Det. Psychological Operations Corps
  • Det. Army Intelligence Corps
  • Det. Signal Corps
  • Det. Special Army Service
Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan
Sovereign Confederation Sovereign Confederation 1,200 personnel 91st (Greenhorn) Armoured Regiment Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan
Drak-Modan Drak-Modan 980 personnel 93rd (Twoggle's Own) Regiment of Engineers] Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan
Sathrati 733 personnel 90th (Jaysh al-Sathrati) Infantry Regiment Part of Multinational Forces Mishalan

Other nations

Sanama Sanama: The government of Sanama issued a statement expressing its concern for the situation, calling for a peaceful solution. It also expressed support for the actions of the Raspur Pact in the face of possible aggression from Batavia and Amokolia.