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Kingdom of Meckelnburgh

Meckelnish: Regnum de Meckelmberg
Aspiranto: Reĝlando de Mekelnburgo
Alexandrian: Royaume du Meckelmbourg
Martino: Reino de Meckelmburgo
Froyalanish: Konungsríkið Mekkelnborg
Eastmoorlandish: Cynerice Meccelnbyrig
Meckelnburgh flag.png


Meckelnburgh coat of arms.png

Coat of Arms

Motto: "Aŭguro de pli bonega tempaĝo" (ao)

"An Omen of a Greater Age"

Anthem: "Ode to Our King and Flag"
Meckelnburgh map 2.png
Map versions 16.8.4–
and largest city
Official language Istvanistani
National languages Meckelnish · Aspiranto
Recognized regional languages Martino · Alexandrian · Froyalanish · Eastmoorlandish
Ethnic groups 80.2% Meckelnish
7.8% Seal Fishers
3.5% Vepsios
2.7% Britannics
2.0% Froyalaners
0.6% Black Travellers
3.2% Other
Official religion Church of Meckelnburgh
Religious affiliation 57.0% Irreligious
27.3% Albigensian
7.1% Catholic
1.3% Zarathustrian
1.1% Ashkenatzi
0.8% Orthodox
0.6% Umraist
3.2% Ethnic religions
1.6% Other
Demonyms Meckelnburgher · Meckelner
Adjectives Meckelnburghish · Meckelnish
Government Unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy
Monarch Ĉielero III
Chancellor Viktor Þórirsson
Lord Speaker Wilburn Arkwright
Chamber of Deputies President Émilien Plamondon
Chief Justicar Devyn Blackwood
Legislature Parliament
Upper house College of Lords
Lower house Chamber of Deputies
Formation (Norton)
Veligrad League 7th century
Commonwealth 862
The Troubles 10th century
Duchy of Meckelnburgh 1156
Wars of Unification 13-15th centuries
Vilhelmo IV crowned king of Meckelnburgh 1453
Treaty of Nakko 1523
First constitution 1555
Current constitution 1604
Admitted to the Micronational Cartography Society 13-V 1685
Total 597,892 km2 (230,847 sq mi)
Water 1.60%
1685 census 17,412,000
Density 29.1/km2 (75.4/sq mi)
Currency Meckelnburghish crown (₵) (MCK)
Time zone CMT-2 to -1 (MBCT and MBET)
Calendar Norton Calendar
Date format dd-MMM yyyy
Mains electricity 120 V–60 Hz
Driving side right
Calling code +42
Abbreviation MCK
Internet TLD .mb

Meckelnburgh (/mɛkəlnbɜɹg/ MEK-əln-burg; Meckelnish: Meckelmberg; Aspiranto: Mekelnburgo), officially the Kingdom of Meckelnburgh, is a coastal, sub-polar country on Micras, located on the Meckelnburgh Peninsula of Apollonia along the Northern Sea. It is a semi-constitutional monarchy, ruled by Queen Ĉielero III, organized around a centralized mixed-market economy.


The name Meckelnburgh derives from the Old Holzer term for the Alexandretta Fortress, where it meant "broad fortress." The original fortress stands still on the Alexandretta coast, long since renamed for the capital city. During The Troubles, the name Meckelnburgh became increasingly associated with the wider region of Alexandretta, until taken up formally in the medieval Duchy of Meckelnburgh. After Meckelnburgh's victories in the Wars of Unification, Vilhelmo IV proclaimed Meckelnburgh to be the united kingdom of the Meckelnish people. The name has remained since.

"Meckelnburghish" versus "Meckelnish"

Both Meckelnburghish and Meckelnish are correct demonymic adjectives for people and things associated with Meckelnburgh. Meckelnburghish traditionally refers to the Kingdom of Meckelnburgh and its government (e.g. Meckelnburghish crown) while Meckelnish traditionally refers to the ethnic people of Meckelnburgh and their culture (e.g. Meckelnish language).


Prehistory and early history

Veligrad League and the Commonwealth

The Troubles and the Duchy of Meckelnburgh

Wars of Unification and King Vilhelmo IV

Treaty of Nakko and the first constitution

The second constitution and modern history


Meckelnburgh map physical.png


Administrative divisions

Meckelnburgh map 4.png
# Flag Name Type Capital Population[A] Area Density Official
1 Alexandretta Royal City 3,318,000 2,389 km2 1,388.9/km2 Meckelnish
2 Newport Viscounty Townsville 1,644,000 24,191 km2 68.0/km2 Includes the Kingsport Joint Forces Base.
3 Humboldt Viscounty Victoria 2,424,000 29,475 km2 82.2/km2 Meckelnish
4 Lunden Barony 36,000 269 km2 133.7/km2 Meckelnish
5 Savalimium Viscounty Castedum 1,032,000 15,523 km2 66.5/km2 Meckelnish Consisting of the Savalimium Archipelago.
6 Ashland Prince-Archbishopric Taft 1,200,000 80,689 km2 14.9/km2 Aspiranto Includes the prince-bishopric of Taft and viscounty of Hastings.
7 Cumberland Duchy St. Cloud 2,988,000 111,843 km2 26.7/km2 Includes the viscounties of Melbourne, Hamilton and Uxbridge.
8 Highgrove Barony 18,000 167 km2 107.8/km2 Meckelnish
9 Deschutes County Boulonne 1,386,000 84,760 km2 16.4/km2 Alexandrian Includes the viscounties of Martinville and Châteauroux.
10 Eldorado County Santiago 966,000 82,610 km2 11.7/km2 Martino Includes the viscounty of Pueblo and prince-bishopric of Alamedilla.
11 Redwood Viscounty Halifax 414,000 24,421 km2 17.0/km2
12 Scarborough Prince-Bishopric Scarborough 288,000 46,303 km2 6.2/km2 Aspiranto
13 Hamilton Viscounty Truckee 642,000 41,589 km2 15.4/km2
14 Hergilsey March Fríða 960,000 33,296 km2 28.8/km2 Froyalanish
Consisting of Glanurchy Island.
15 Salem Prince-Archabbacy Salem 78,000 5,399 km2 14.4/km2 Aspiranto Consisting of the Isle of Pines.
16 Queen Faŭnjo Wildlife Refuge Fruita 18,000 14,969 km2 1.2/km2 Meckelnish
  1. ^ A 1685 AN census.
  2. ^ B Besides Istvanistani, which is official in all regions of Meckelnburgh, except the autonomous Prince-Archabbacy of Salem.




The head of state the Kingdom of Meckelnburgh is the Monarch, presently Their Majesty Queen Ĉielero III. The Queen retains significant royal prerogative in the modern era, such as royal assent to all acts of Parliament, Meckelnburgh being a semi-constitutional monarchy. The Meckelnburghish monarchy adheres to absolute primogeniture, with the eldest child of the monarch succeeding the throne. The present crown prince is Their Royal Highness Dauphin Vilhelmo.



The nobility of Meckelnburgh retains governing power throughout most regions of Meckelnburgh in oaths of fealty to the Monarch. Two classes of the nobility persist: the landed and titular nobility. The landed nobility hold vast swaths of Meckelnburgh in personal ownership. In this way, the landed nobility serves as modern, hereditary governors throughout Meckelnburgh. The titular nobility hold legal titles and privileges, such as a seat in the House of Lords, without associated lands or temporal governance.

Church of Meckelnburgh

The Church of Meckelnburgh is the state church of the kingdom, receiving official support of the government and is subordinate to the Monarchy. The Church is Nazarene and an Albigensian denomination, outside the Catholic and Orthodox communions. The Church of Meckelnburgh adheres to beliefs of unitarianism, emphasis of good works over salvation by faith, and pescetarianism, but rejects predestination and original sin.

The leader of the church is the Queen as Supreme Governor. The highest episcopal officer, and first among equals of all bishops in Meckelnburgh, is the Primate, the Archbishop of Boulonne. There are 20 dioceses in the kingdom, one of which is an auxiliary bishopric and four are metropolitan archbishoprics. The episcopal leaders of the Church of Meckelnburgh retain significant temporal and titular authority, including seats in the College of Lords. Certain landed Price-Bishops and Prince-Archbishops also provide governance for regions of Meckelnburgh.

# Coat of Arms Name Rank Head Population Area Notes
1 [name] Boulonne Archbishopric Primate [name]
2 [name] Bishopric Bishop [name]
3 [name] Fruita Auxiliary Bishopric Auxiliary Bishop [name] 18,000 14,969 km2
4 [name] Fríða Bishopric Bishop [name] 960,000 33,296 km2
5 [name] Salem Archabbacy Prince-Archabbot [name] 78,000 5,399 km2
6 [name] Santiago Archbishopric Archbishop [name]
7 [name] Alamedilla Bishopric Prince-Bishop [name]
8 [name] Halifax Bishopric Bishop [name] 414,000 24,421 km2
9 [name] Scarborough Bishopric Prince-Bishop [name] 288,000 46,303 km2
10 [name] Truckee Bishopric Bishop [name] 642,000 41,589 km2
11 [name] Taft Archbishopric Prince-Archbishop [name]
12 [name] Bishopric Bishop [name]
13 [name] St. Cloud Bishopric Bishop [name]
14 [name] Bishopric Bishop [name]
15 [name] Bishopric Bishop [name]
16 [name] Alexandretta Archbishopric Archbishop [name] 2,700,000 2,389 km2
17 [name] Victoria Bishopric Bishop [name] 2,442,000 29,745 km2
18 [name] Townsville Bishopric Bishop [name] 1,644,000 24,191 km2
19 [name] Castedum Bishopric Bishop [name] 1,032,000 15,523 km2
- [name] Armed Forces Bishopric Bishop [name] Military ordinariate Directs the religious services of the kingdom military.






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Titles of address