LUZO Byllundt

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Luzo Byllundt Ltd.
Type private limited by shares
Industry Toys
Founded 1669 AN
Founder(s) Kjerstin Guldbrand
Headquarters Byllundt, Meckelnburgh
Number of locations 5 offices
Products LUZO System
Revenue ₵4.29 billion (1699 AN)
Operating income ₵1.26 billion (1699 AN)
Net income ₵973 million (1699 AN)
Total assets ₵3.65 billion (1699 AN)
Owner(s) Kjerstinbi Unltd. (55%)
Government of Meckelnburgh (45%)

Luzo Byllundt Ltd. (operating as LUZO Byllundt) is a toy company founded and headquartered in Byllundt, Meckelnburgh, east of Alexandretta. Its sole product is the LUZO System, a line of construction set toys. The company also produces board and video games based on its LUZO brand. As well, LUZO Byllundt operates a theme park, Luzolando, in Liubz, Meckelnburgh.

The company was founded in 1669 AN by Kjerstin Guldbrand. The name of the brand "LUZO" comes from the Aspiranto phrase luda amuzo, or "playful fun."