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Kingdom of Ayllu
Ayllu Qhapaq Suyu
Official language Aymara (official), English (administrative)
Capital Munaycha
Largest cities Mayullajta, Qorallajta, Ayacucho, Sascaywaman
Website Ayllu Website
Forum Ayllu Forum
Number of citizens 7
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive, was at stages annexed to Panzerland and Slobovia)
Date founded 2003 (exact date unknown)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Current leader His Majesty the Sapa Ayllu Atoc Sapa
Currency Ayllu Qori (Ø)
National animal Llama
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 6.1.0 - 6.3.0