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Nova England flag.png
Flag of Nova England
Total population
~3-4 million
Regions with significant populations
Nova England ~680,000
Mercurian Nova England ~2,600,000
Brettish Isles ~No Recent Census Data Available
Britannic English, Eastmoorland English

Britannics, are a Anglo-Saxon ethnic group native to Nova England.


The Britannic people, is a term used to describe the ethnic and cultural grouping of the peoples native to North Eastern Keltia. Current historical records have not provided a clear point and time of origin for the establishment of the Britannic People within North Eastern Keltia. Unlike other ethnic groups that share an Asiatic heritage in the region, the Britannics feature distinctly Anglo-Saxon characteristics.

The Britannic people prior to the establishment of the Kingdom of Nova England, existed in tightly knit clans, practicing what is now known as Nova English Paganism. However following the uniting of the Tribes of New Sussex and Eastmoorland by King John I, one of these tribes left the shores of Nova England and eventually came across what are now known as the Brettish Isles.

Over time the two separate groups of Britannic people developed alongside different environmental factors, creating subtle changes in cultural aspects. An example of which being Nova English Britannics developing increasingly aggressive practices in response to overwhelming raids of Kampongese bandits. Whereas Brettish Britannics developed a keen interest in exploration as they sought to overcome the resource limitations of their island home.