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Craitland national under-21 football team

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Craitland Craitland U-21
FMF member 2007–08, 2016–
FMF code CRA
First FMF intermicronational
Riponia U-21 Riponia 2–0 Craitland Craitland U-21
Biggest win
Vyktory U-21 Vyktory 0–3 Craitland Craitland U-21
Vyktory U-21 Vyktory 0–3 Craitland Craitland U-21
CRA U-21 Craitland 3–0 Alexandria Alexandria U-21
Craitland U-21 Craitland 3–0 Florian Republic FLO U-21
Biggest defeat
Riponia U-21 Riponia 2–0 Craitland Craitland U-21
FMF Under-21 World Cup
Appearances 2 (first in 2007)
Best result Winners

The Craitland national under-21 football team is the football team for players aged 21 and under which represents the micronation of Craitland.


The team was founded in 2007 after applying successfully to compete in the inaugural FMF Under-21 World Cup. The team advanced from their group with six points before winning the longest penalty shoot-out in FMF history against Gaia to reach the final, where they ran-out comfortable 3–1 victors over Passas.

The team entered the second Under-21 World Cup to defend their title, but the tournament was abandoned due to political unrest in the host nation Tellia prior to the knock-out stages. Craitland had completed their three group matches when the tournament was cancelled, and were placed second with five points.

Following the 2008 tournament's abandonment, the FMF cancelled its under-21 sector and the team played no matches for a considerable time. However, the team was briefly reformed in 2011 with the intention of participating in the MicroWiki-based VMWCC tournament, but withdrew to allow other nations' full teams to compete instead.

The team was resurrected in early 2016 after the establishment of the Colney Cup as an under-21 tournament, with Craitland invited to participate in the inaugural edition, where they finished as runners-up. The team participated in the second edition the following year, where they won the tournament, winning all of their matches in the process, and securing a first tournament victory in ten years.

Chronological competitive participation

Current squad

The team's 18-man squad named to compete in the 2017 Colney Cup.

No. Pos. Player Age Club
1 1GK Francis Hjansen 20 Mercury Dynamo Deacon
2 3DF Asil Karganov 21 Craitland Cherry Trees FC
3 3DF Dentólio K'amachh 17 Craitland Zekäbelóman Kahthajtensen FC
4 5MF Timo Brär 19 Craitland Cherry Trees FC
5 3DF Carl Hjälden 21 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC
6 3DF Cameron Mena-ó-Xäi 18 Craitland Biulya äqi Jedu FC
7 5MF Alexis Pellegrino 21 Tellia Romero Sport
8 5MF Jamie Mälent 17 Craitland Sverige Tiem FC
9 7FW Jon-Lydveldt F'echhamlär 20 Craitland Zekäbelóman Kahthajtensen FC
10 7FW Cräiĵaär Zen 21 Craitland Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC
11 5MF Juan Pellegrino 20 Tellia Romero Sport
12 3DF Michael Täó 21 Craitland Róndlinga Diamonds FC
13 1GK Matthew Ujestcqist 20 Craitland Biulya äqi Jedu FC
14 5MF Mikel Densar 20 Craitland Mainlae Town FC
15 5MF Sam Leverhjen 17 Craitland Eĵars Town FC
16 7FW Erlaņ Darcq 20 Craitland Eĵars Town FC
17 7FW Craitman Dóral 21 Craitland Róndlinga Diamonds FC
18 3DF Paul Óma-Pellegrino 21 Unattached



Craitland under-21 has used the following flag during both of its FMF affiliations:


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