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2014–15 in football

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The 2014–15 football season was the 9th season of football on Micras since the foundation of the FMF, which started on 1 September 2014 and ended on 31 August 2015. The 2014 FMF Champions' League was won by May Wanderers, who defeated Cherry Trees FC in the final following a penalty shoot-out. The season was a World Cup year, with the 2015 FMF World Cup being won by Hamland who defeated Tellia 2–0 in the final.

International competitions

Hosts Winners Score Runners-up
2015 FMF World Cup
Craitland Craitland
2 – 0
2015 Women's World Championships
Senya Senya
3 – 1

International club competitions

Final hosts Winners Score Runners-up
2014 FMF Champions' League
Gerenia Klämen May Wanderers Mercury 0 – 0 (a.e.t.)
7 – 6 (pens)
Craitland Cherry Trees FC
2014–15 AEFA Champions' League
Gotzborg Lonenberg Schaffhausen FC Gotzborg 2 – 1 Gotzborg Eldeburgh FC
2014–15 AEFA Cup
Lakkvia Vesüha Ridgedon Rams Novatainia 5 – 0 Flanders FC Bruswerpen
2014–15 CTFA Champions' League
Birgeshir Otaq AFC Hamstadt Zandarijn 1 – 0 Natopia Tasneemia City Bulls
2014–15 CTFA Cup
Afrikaana Rosenborg A.C. Napianeso North Antarctica 3 – 1 Birgeshir Vanya Suvan FK
2014–15 EMUFA Champions' League
Talenore Talenore City Tow Law FC Mercury 2 – 2 (a.e.t.)
4 – 3 (pens)
Mercury May Wanderers
2014–15 EMUFA Cup
Juclandia New Jucărești AFC Heartpool Nova England 3 – 1 Mercury Cook Island FC
2014–15 WMFA Champions' League
Craitland Cherry Trees Biulya äqi Jedu FC Craitland 3 – 0 Safiria Isavi Seraphs FC
2014–15 WMFA Cup
Merenolitovina Mamehblinij Osĵätoņ Aztecs FC Craitland 2 – 1 Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC

Domestic league competitions

League Champions Qualified for Champions' League Qualified for Continental Cup Relegated

Domestic cup winners

Competition Winners Score Runners-up

New FMF members

This is a list of FMF member nations that played their first international match in the 2014–15 season.

Nation Member until Successor of
Apollonian Republic Apollonian Republic 2016
Brettish Isles Brettish Isles 2015
Brettish Orient Brettish Orient 2015
Calbion Calbion [R - 2013] 2018
Ergonia Ergonia 2015
Franklin Islands Franklin Islands 2016
Gong Gong 2016
Karalakh Karalakh 2017 Highpass Highpass
Kujirashi-Walstadt Kujirashi-Walstadt 2015 Walstadt Walstadt

Nation Member until Successor of
Mancunia Mancunia 2018
Mar Sara Mar Sara
Nessus Nessus 2016
Nolland Nolland 2016
Nordzibola Nordzibola 2016 Zeeburg Zeeburg
North Antarctic Domain North Antarctic Domain
Passasian Unincorporated Territory Passasian Unincorporated Territory
Passio-Corum Passio-Corum
Ranentsi Ranentsi 2018

Nation Member until Successor of
Reindeer Herders Reindeer Herders [R - 2009] 2015
Saint Andre Saint Andre
Stars Stars 2015
Steeria Steeria 2015
Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq Qavaqaqqaqqaniitqeqertaq
Tiěyá Tiěyá 2017
Valencia Valencia [R - 2014] 2017
Vyktory Vyktory 2018
Wayne Wayne 2015

R - 20XX – Returning member, left in 20XX.

Departing FMF members

This is a list of FMF member nations that played their final international match in the 2014–15 season.

Nation Member since Succeeded by
Amokolia Amokolia 2008
Aryasht Aryasht 2013
Batavia Batavia [R - 2019] 2007
Brettish Orient Brettish Orient 2015
Ergonia Ergonia 2015

Nation Member since Succeeded by
Indokistan Indokistan 2012
Interland Interland 2007
Kujirashi-Walstadt Kujirashi-Walstadt 2015
Reindeer Herders Reindeer Herders 2015

Nation Member since Succeeded by
Stars Stars 2015
Steeria Steeria 2015 Steeria and Highfield Steeria and Highfield
Uantir Uantir 2008
Wayne Wayne 2015

R - 20XX – Returning member in 20XX.


Two transfer windows were opened for the 2014–15 season in which permanent and loan moves could be finalised: a summer preseason window, opened between 1 June 2014 and 30 September 2014, and a winter mid-season window, opened throughout the entirety of January 2015. Below are the season's ten most expensive deals.

Date Player From To Fee
(M Cr)
2014-09-05 Tellia Massimo Santoni Tellia Romero Sport Tellia FC Fiorecittà Cr 20
2014-09-05 Alexandria Roland Théard Alexandria Franciscania Athletic Craitland Cherry Trees FC Cr 8
2014-09-08 Tellia Thiago Russo Tellia Vecchiacittà Calcio Tellia AS Rex Leonia Cr 6.5
2014-08-01 Mercury Jack Partridge Mercury Tow Law FC Mercury Dynamo Deacon Cr 6
2014-09-28 Senya Ƨinkœ Zvet Senya Kateki Blavisen FK Hamland Morfaga North Rangers Cr 5
2014-09-30 Hamland Peter O'Reilly Hamland Kilbay Rangers Hamland Morfaga North Rangers Cr 4
2014-09-08 Tellia Leonardo Bortolotti Tellia FC Fiorecittà Tellia AS Rex Leonia Cr 3
2014-09-29 Tellia Mattia Lippini Tellia Romero Sport Craitland Xäiville Teflons FC Cr 2.5
2014-09-28 Senya Karl Rœč Senya Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets FK Hamland Porapa FC Cr 2
2014-09-30 Craitland Jon Anders Larsen Craitland Cherry Trees FC Tellia Romero Sport Cr 2