Neridia Defense Industries

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Neridia Defense Industries
Type Conglomerate
Industry Advanced Technologies,
Information Security,
Founded 1659 AN
Headquarters Triegon, Natopia

Neridia Defense Industries is a Natopian global aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies company with worldwide interests. The company was founded in 1659 AN by the House of Eadric and a group of investors. The company is the results of several mergers and acquisitions of smaller defense contractors and suppliers in an attempt to vertically integrate as much of the supply chain and manufacturing under the same company. It is headquartered in Triegon, Natopia. Neridia Defense Industries employs approximately 200,000 people worldwide as of IX.1673 AN. The company itself is integrated, as a critical supplier of munitions, into the Allied Production Matrix of the Raspur Pact.


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