Micras Socialist International

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Micras Socialist International
Party logo
Leader Central Committee
Chairman Sofia Vallejo Cortéz (PLN)
Founded 1673 AN
Headquarters Puerto Arcadio, Los Liberados
Political ideology Socialism, Social-democracy, Labour movements
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
Colours Red

The Micras Socialist International is an organisations of political parties and movements on Micras that adhere to socialist, or social-democratic principles. The organisation was founded in Los Liberados in 1673 with the goal of uniting different movements all across the globe and coordinate policies for the advancement of the position of the Micran worker.

Member Parties

Full members

Flag Country Party name Representative in the Central Committee Government Date joined
National Representatives
Los Liberados flag.png Los Liberados Partido de Liberación Nacional Sofia Vallejo Cortéz
in government 1673
65 / 125
(Asamblea Nacional)
Batavieflag.gif Batavia Voorwaarts Batavië! Giacomo Lucci in government 1673
74 / 150
Kasterburg flag.png Kasterburg Progressive Alliance for the Advancement of the Fatherland Koos Tromp in opposition 1673
8 / 55
Elwynn flag.png Elwynn Elwynnese Workers' Party Pekke Aloorion in opposition 1673
27 / 250
0 / 7
(Council of Eliria)
Jingdao flag.png Jingdao Nokarodo Faction Tsukono Wei in opposition
(party outlawed)
0 / 391
(Gong Suweiai)
Craitland flag.png Craitland Solidarity Arnór Ĵaärgo in opposition 1677
3 / 233
Florian Republic flag.png Florian Republic Labour Party Rachael Adams in opposition 1683
75 / 300
(House of representatives)
Krasnocoria flag.png Krasnocoria Socialist Bloc Dača Ivicić in opposition 1673
56 / 300
Black Legion Flag.png Unified Governorates Coalition 1660 Vazgen Beslan in opposition 1673
0 / 600
(State Assembly)
Palesmenia flag.png Palesmenia Socalistá Péyaku Sáni Maé in opposition 1673
40 / 300
Talenore flag.png Talenore Social Democratic Party TBA in opposition 1673
53 / 180
(National Assembly)
Alrig flag.png Alrig Labor Party of Alrig Hendrik Van Hoevendaal in opposition 1675
0 / 653
(Council of Driftwood)
Senya flag.png Senya Partë bɏer Sanya Arbîtamenen Sileman Ostrandɏen in opposition 1675
27 / 500
(National Democratic Forum)
Sanama flag.png Sanama Party of Workers and Laborers in opposition 1675
0 / 639
Sanama flag.png Sanama Coalition 1660 (Sanama) Salina Sumi in opposition 1678
102 / 639
Sanama flag.png Sanama Sanaman Liberation Front Pjetro Campucci in opposition 1678
138 / 639
Chryse flag.png Free City of Chryste National Syndicalist Front Carolus Flynt in opposition 1675
45 / 575
(Chryste Assembly)
Constancia flag.png Constancia Socialist Revolutionary Party Gonzalo Montalban in opposition 1684
7 / 250
(Imperial Synklētos)

Observer parties

Flag Country Party name Representative in the Central Committee Government Date joined National Representatives
Elwynn flag.png Elwynn Amokolian Freedom Front Charles Wickenburg in opposition 1673
27 / 250
Arcadia flag old.png Arcadia Plaid Llafur Robert Dale in opposition 1673
13 / 220
Elwynn flag.png Elwynn Mishalanski Party for Democratic Socialism Wladimir Rodovsky in opposition 1673
5 / 250

International Labourers Guild

At the initiative of Pekke Aloorion, Chairman of the EWP the International Labourers Guild was proposed in 1679 to advance social justice and promote decent work by advocating for the introduction of international labour standards. Headquartered in Puerto Arcadio, the ILG has also established the Global Solutions Corporation, a consultancy and ethical investments brokerage aimed at advancing capital towards workers collectives and those firms with a proven track record in improving fraternity and peace among nations, pursuing decent work and justice for workers, and providing technical assistance to other developing nations. It was proposed that the GLC would have a tripartite investment approvals board with Hendrik Van Hoevendaal and Tsukono Wei invited by Pekke Aloorion to sit as co-equal directors.

The ILG meanwhile also aims to press on with campaigns to abolish slavery in the post-Shirerithian states of Benacia as well as corvée labour in Jingdao.