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Malliki Orea

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Malliki Palawi Orea
President of the Council of State
Assumed office
President Dorsa Raeisi
Preceded by Office established
Leader of the Sanamati Democratic Party
Assumed office
Preceded by

Born 7.XIII.1645 (age 72)
Awhara, Shireroth
Citizenship Sanaman
Political party Sanamati Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Kira Wilamu
Residence Niyi
Alma mater Alto Siccre University
Profession Union leader
Religion Somanes

Malliki Orea is the current Qukalsim of Sanama and the leader of the Sanamati Democratic Party. He took over leadership of the party and the nation following the failed 1707 Sanaman military coup d'état and guided the nation to a new constitution and free elections.