Micras Games

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Micras Games

The Micras Games logo consists of six interlocked rings.
First event 2018
Occur every Two years

The Micras Games is an international multi-sport event on Micras in which athletes participate in a variety of competitions, organised by the FMS and planned to be held on a biennial basis. The games are a combination of events competed for by traditional FMS means and a smaller programme of events competed for physically by entrant nations' leaders.

The first games will be held in 2018; ten years after the MicrOlympics, to which the games are an unofficial successor, and is expected to see 46 sports played.


Year Edition Host City Host Country Countries Number of Sports Top of the medal table
2018 I Daocheng Jingdao Jingdao TBC 46 TBC


These are the official sports of the Micras Games programme.

Traditional sports

Live events