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Imperial Council of Natopia

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Imperial Council of Natopia

The Imperial Coat of Arms of Natopia
Abbreviation ICON
Formation 2 Butterary 1648
Type Confederal duumvirate
Purpose/focus Coordinate foreign policies and defense between East and West Natopia
Headquarters Vista de Nada Palace
Western Palace
Location Lindstrom, Eastern Natopia
Geneva, Western Natopia
Region served The Natopian Nation
Membership Emperor in the East
Emperor in the West
Chancellor of Eastern Natopia
Chancellor of Western Natopia
Chair Empress Vadoma
Key people Co-Emperor Edward of Western Natopia, Chancellor Arjuna Dhritarashtra
Affiliations Court of Vista de Nada
Chancellor of Eastern Natopia
Imperial Court of Western Natopia
Chanceller of Western Natopia

The Imperial Council of Natopia is a constitutional organ of the governments of Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia. It is a vestigial advisory council of the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation. The Bovic Empire still exists as the confederal and dynastic union of Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia. The two Natopian emperors, their secretaries, and the two Chancellors all meet to discuss and decide on matters of critical importance to the Natopian Nation. Since 1716, it has acted as a unified cabinet for the governments of Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia, paving the way for the Natopian reintegration. The body was finally dissolved in 1720 AN.


After the Division of the Natopian Empire, the Council's duties were codified in the new states' governing laws as a confederal council that would meet to discuss matters important to both states and the enduring legacy of the Natopian Nation. As the scope of the Council now fell primarily under the duties of the Emperors (defense, foreign policy), the ministers of the Chancelleries were no longer included in the formal meetings.

One of the primary purposes of the Council is to appoint the Secretary for Defense. Both Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia support and are protected by a still-unified Natopian Defense Force, as such the Emperors are constitutionally required to appoint the same individual as Defense Secretary. The governments of Eastern Natopia and Western Natopia must have Council approval before making any major substantive decisions, such as entering or leaving a defense pact, ceding Natopian lands, or other policies that may affect the longevity of the Natopian Nation.


Membership on the Council is defined in the Compact of the Eastern Bovic Lands and the Western Natopian Constitution as including the Emperor in the East, the Emperor in the West, their Secretaries, the eastern Chancellor, and the western Chancellor. Only the Emperors and Chancellors may vote. Meetings of the Council are co-chaired by the Emperors.

Title Name Player
Empress of the Natopians Vadoma Edgard
Co-Empress and Co-Emperor of the Natopians (West) Vadoma and Edward Edgard
Chancellor of Eastern Natopia Arjuna Dhritarashtra Ric
Chancellor of Western Natopia
Secretary for Foreign Affairs (East) Rosamund Azar Agueda al-Osman Primo de Aguilar, Duchess of Mar Sara Primo
Secretary for Foreign Affairs (West)
Secretary for Defense Royston IV Merrick Ardy
Secretary for Imperial Affairs (East) Áþamé Issèla Mari Vâstra, Lady of Kin'uyama Hâlian
Secretary for Legal Affairs (West)

Also attending the Council: