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Sanaman security zone in western Shimmerspring

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The Sanaman security zone in western Shimmerspring was established on 1.I.1680 after the Sanaman invasion of western Shimmerspring resulted in the conquest of the western half of the same country. The expressed objective of the security zone is to prevent terrorist cells from operating in the area. The overall rule of the area is vested in the military commander for the Shimmerspring control force, while civilian governance is vested in a local elected council. All measures of the civilian authorities are subject to veto by the Sanaman commander.


  • 5.II.1680: Two Sanaman soldiers were killed and a further three injured after their patrol vehicle hit an IED. As a response, Sanaman forces shelled suspected Real IPA positions in the area.
  • 11.IV.1680: Sanaman forces searched several villages in the southwestern security zone, looking for insurgents and terrorists. Several suspected terrorists were apprehended and transferred to MISC. Many weapons and explosive devices were seized and destroyed.
  • 7.V.1680: A northern army position was attacked by insurgents, injuring two soldiers. The attack was successfully repelled, killing at least seven insurgents and capturing three. Documents show the attack was planned by the Real IPA. Captured insurgents transferred to MISC.
  • 19.VI.1680: Units from the Sanaman Army attack Real IPA positions in the suburbs of Elder Beacon, supported by attack helicopters. Since the security zone is closed to journalists, no footage or direct accounts exist. The official account is that Sanaman forces cleared out a Real IPA stronghold, killing fifteen terrorists and capturing three. Leaked accounts from Shimmerspring residents that speak about many more killed and injured in an undiscriminate assault are quickly denied by authorities.
  • 8.XI.1680: The Battle of Mercatoria. After weeks of attacks from civilian-administered Mortis Mercatoria against Sanaman security personnel, on 8.XI.1680 suspected Real IPA positions in the city were subjected to an intense artillery barrage. After the shelling, several battalions of infantry and armour entered the city. Reports from the battle are scarce, but many terrorists were confirmed killed, effectively crippling the resistance movement in the city. Two Sanaman soldiers were killed in the battle.

Ongoing issues

The Sanaman military in the security zone is regularly exposed to attacks against checkpoints, bases and border installations. The civilian authorities that administer parts of the area have not been able to stop the attacks. The most common attacks are roadside IEDs and ambushes, but suicide attacks are increasing in frequency. Among the most dangerous and exposed situations in the zone are patrols inside civilian territories. Therefor, since 1.I.1681, patrols inside civilian territories are held at a minimum, with Sanaman forces instead controlling access to and communication between the various civilian areas. The most heavily policed areas are the natural gas fields, which present a high value target for terrorist attacks. Workers from Highpass and Ransenar have been encouraged to settle in the area to work in the natural gas fields. The settlements are heavily guarded by Sanaman forces.