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Sanaman Navy (Third Republic)

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Sanaman Navy (Third Republic)
Sanama naval.png
Naval ensign of Sanama.
Country Sanama Sanama
Founded 1675 AN
  • Surface Fleet
  • Submarine Force
  • Naval Aviation Corps
  • Corps of Navy Marines
  • Coastal Defence Force
  • Sanaman Navy Auxiliary
Headquarters Sanama City
President Tanilo Lhayi
Secretary for Defence Yon Qusen
Chief of the Admiralty Amiral Yani Ffune Puli
Military age 18–65 years old
Active personnel 182,500
Reserve personnel TBD
Domestic suppliers
Foreign suppliers

The Sanaman Navy (Third Republic) was the naval component of the Sanaman Armed Forces.



The mission of the Sanaman Navy is to prepare the naval forces necessary for the effective prosecution of war, the maintenance of naval aviation, air transport essential for naval operations, and all air weapons and air techniques involved in the operations and activities of the Navy, and the development of aircraft, weapons, tactics, technique, organization, and equipment of naval combat and service elements. Furthermore the Navy protects the territorial waters and marine interests of Sanama.


The Admiralty

  • Office of the Chief of the Admiralty
    • Chief of the Admiralty Amiral Yani Ffune Puli
  • Office of the Vice Chief of the Admiralty
    • Vice Chief of the Admiralty Amiral Charles Bordwell, Jr
  • Admiralty Staff of the Navy
    • Manpower Office (N1)
    • Naval Intelligence and Security Office (N2)
    • Operations, Strategy and Planning Office (N3)
    • Sustainment and Logistics Office (N4)
    • Signals Office (N5)
    • Finance Office (N6)
    • Civil Affairs Office (N7)
    • Training and Doctrine Office (N8)
    • Weapon Systems Office (N9)
      • Ships Bureau (N91)
      • Naval Weapons Bureau (N92)
      • Shore Establishment Bureau (N93)
      • Marines Weapons Bureau (N94)
      • Naval Weapons Bureau (N95)
      • Aviation Bureau (N96)
      • Coastal Defence Bureau (N97)
      • Liaison Bureau (N99)
  • Naval Commands


Naval bases

  • Arg-e Noor Naval Base
  • Bandar-e Kalirion Naval Base
  • Galarmjabat Naval Base
  • Kahala Naval Base
  • Port Niyi Naval Base
  • West Fatehpur Sikri Naval Base
  • Akhuleti Naval Station
  • Aruang Naval Station
  • Fort Lakhesis Naval Station
  • Ikka Town Naval Station
  • Porto Napole Naval Station
  • Santa Clara Naval Station
  • Thanidor Naval Station
  • Whanitori Naval Station
  • Bandar-e Kalirion Marine Base
  • Kahala Marine Base
  • Port Niyi Marine Base


Unit Missile cruiser Destroyer Escort Frigate Amphibious assault ship Marine Expeditionary Regiment Amphibious transport dock Logistic support vessel Submarine Corvette Patrol boat Other Base
Battlegroup Sanilla CR-130 SNS Sanilla D-115 SNS Porto Napole
D-116 SNS Atesira
D-117 SNS Telljano
A-51 SNS Rhodondra I MER L-701 SNS Independence LSV-1009 SNS Terhiya U-511 SNS Acquecalde
U-514 SNS Tosha
West Fatehpur Sikri Naval Base
Battlegroup Amarra CR-131 SNS Amarra D-118 SNS Puri Xalene
D-119 SNS Malliki Tosha
D-120 SNS Semisa Caprici
A-652 SNS Spleazure II MER L-702 SNS Sovereignty LSV-1010 SNS Yenashen U-512 SNS Haruto
U-515 SNS Xolaso
Galarmjabat Naval Base
Battlegroup Cisamarra CR-133 SNS Cisamarra D-126 SNS Shako Pinusho
D-127 SNS Paki Woodesham
D-128 SNS Gjanpjetro Pinucci
A-654 SNS Freetellya III MER L-703 SNS Freedom LSV-1011 SNS Katiwhen U-513 SNS Xisena
U-518 SNS Laguna
MoMA Station Talenore
Battlegroup Thanatos CR-132 SNS Thanatos D-124 SNS Kaiser Hasan II
D-125 SNS Tanilo Lla'i
D-121 SNS Kaiser Ayreon II
A-653 SNS Newtell
A-656 SNS Abermeade
IV MER L-704 SNS Liberty
L-705 SNS Sawaya
LSV-1012 SNS Sumasen
LSV-1013 SNS Maheshanen
U-516 SNS Hala
U-517 SNS Hareffa Santa Clara
Arg-e Noor Naval Base
5. Surface Combatant Squadron Kahala Naval Base
51. Destroyer Division D-122 SNS Madama Vinfetto

D-123 SNS Goodwin Smallreed

Kahala Naval Base
52. Amphibious Assault Division A-655 SNS Vaap Kahala Naval Base
53. Amphibious Landing Division L-706 SNS Xonuti Sanamali

L-707 SNS Emancipation

L-708 SNS Deliverance

Kahala Naval Base
6. Escort Squadron Port Niyi Naval Base
61. Escort Division F-801 SNS Alaric Devend

F-802 SNS Gernot Fiedberg

West Fatehpur Sikri Naval Base
62. Escort Division F-803 SNS Burkhard Bloms

F-804 SNS Ulrich Bergmann

West Fatehpur Sikri Naval Base
63. Escort Division F-805 SNS Athaulf Braun

F-806 SNS Winifred Thorne

Port Niyi Naval Base
64. Escort Division F-807 SNS Wybert Irvine

F-808 SNS Oswin Horton

Port Niyi Naval Base
65. Escort Division F-809 SNS Radcliff Hailey

F-810 SNS Malliki Norun Kasha

Galarmjabat Naval Base
66. Escort Division F-811 SNS Kali Kalisha Ayera

F-812 SNS Maliya Yoren Uma

Bandar-e Kalirion Naval Base
7. Corvette Squadron Fort Lakhesis Naval Station
71. Corvette Division C-225 SNS Palë

C-226 SNS Xalene

C-227 SNS Lloperat

Porto Napole Naval Station
72. Corvette Division C-228 SNS Walento

C-229 SNS Qeruna

C-230 SNS Qexon

Aruang Naval Station
73. Corvette Division C-231 SNS Woodshire

C-232 SNS Lluson

C-233 SNS Lamika

Fort Lakhesis Naval Station
74. Corvette Division C-234 SNS Pixa Ate

C-235 SNS Pixa Amarra

C-236 SNS Estarisa

Ikka Town Naval Station
75. Corvette Division C-237 SNS Gardenholm

C-238 SNS Saneswalo

C-239 SNS Boomwatch

Thanidor Naval Station
76. Corvette Division C-240 SNS Fenicottero

C-241 SNS Kawite

C-242 SNS Napole

Akhuleti Naval Station
77. Corvette Division C-243 SNS Tikano

C-244 SNS Independensa

Whanitori Naval Station
8. Patrol Squadron Fort Lakhesis Naval Station
81. Patrol Division M-379 SNS Enosa

M-380 SNS Sëwulat

Porto Napole Naval Station
82. Patrol Division M-381 SNS Fatehpur Sikri

M-382 SNS Qalit

Aruang Naval Station
83. Patrol Division M-383 SNS Ilokallo

M-384 SNS Walesa

Fort Lakhesis Naval Station
84. Patrol Division M-385 SNS Aruang

M-386 SNS Nuovo Romero

Ikka Town Naval Station
85. Patrol Division M-387 SNS Caverden

M-388 SNS Kopore

Thanidor Naval Station
86. Patrol Division M-389 SNS Ates Amarra Santa Clara Naval Station
87. Patrol Division M-390 SNS Fig Islands

M-391 SNS Ffaman Niyi

Akhuleti Naval Station
88. Patrol Division M-392 SNS Xawakalë

M-393 SNS South Haruto

Whanitori Naval Station
9. Submarine Squadron Bandar-e Kalirion Naval Base
91. Submarine Division U-519 SNS Sumar

U-520 SNS Rosaria

Bandar-e Kalirion Naval Base
92. Submarine Division U-521 SNS Hareffina Soli

U-522 SNS Kayalëkada

Bandar-e Kalirion Naval Base
10. Mine Countermeasures Squadron Galarmjabat Naval Base
101. Mine Countermeasures Division SS-419 SNS Anandja II

SS-420 SNS Malokati

SS-421 SNS Riverden

SS-422 SNS Raynortown

Galarmjabat Naval Base
102. Mine Countermeasures Division SS-423 SNS Brightown

SS-424 SNS Charlestown

SS-425 SNS Derry

SS-426 SNS Greenfield

Galarmjabat Naval Base
11. Logistics Squadron Port Niyi Naval Base
111. Logistics Division LSV-1014 SNS Affidabile
LSV-1015 SNS Fidato
West Fatehpur Sikri Naval Base
112. Logistics Division LSV-1016 SNS Vettore
LSV-1017 SNS Portatore
Port Niyi Naval Base
113. Logistics Division LSV-1018 SNS Corriere
LSV-1019 SNS Messenger
Galarmjabat Naval Base
114. Logistics Division LSV-1020 SNS Relay
LSV-1021 SNS Focus
LSV-1022 SNS Safe Harbour
Arg-e Noor Naval Base
Name Base Status Classes No of ships
Other units
Navy Headquarters Command Port Niyi Naval Base Activated 1676.
Federal Naval Academy Port Niyi Naval Base Activated 1675.
Naval Combat School Port Niyi Naval Base Activated 1675.
Naval Aviation Center Porto Napole Naval Base Activated 1676.
Corps of Navy Marines
Marine Expeditionary Regiments
I Marine Expeditionary Regiment Porto Napole Naval Base In service
  • Marine Expeditionary Command Group (200 troops)
    • Tasked with command and control, air naval gunfire liaison, reconnaissance, surveillance, communications, SIGINT, electronic warfare, intelligence, law enforcement and general administration.
  • Marines Reinforced Infantry Battalion (1,100 troops)
    • Marines Artillery Battery
    • Amphibious Assault Platoon
    • Marines Engineer Platoon
    • Marines Armoured Reconnaissance Troop
    • Marines Tank Troop
    • Marines Reconnaissance Platoon
  • Marines Aviation Wing (600 troops)
    • Marines Aviation Headquarters and Support Squadron
    • Marines Transport Squadron
    • Marines Attack Helicopter Squadron
    • Marines Strike Fighter Squadron
    • Marines Air Control Detachment
  • Marines Logistics Company (300 troops)
    • Consists of service support, medical, dental, maintenance, supply, transportation, ordnance disposal, utilities production and distribution, bulk fuel, communication.
  • 2,200 Marines
II Marine Expeditionary Regiment Porto Napole Naval Base In service
III Marine Expeditionary Regiment Port Niyi Naval Base In service
IV Marine Expeditionary Regiment Port Niyi Naval Base In service
V Marine Expeditionary Regiment Galarmjabat Naval Base In service
VI Marine Expeditionary Regiment Galarmjabat Naval Base In service
VII Marine Expeditionary Regiment Port Niyi Naval Base In reserve
Fleet Marine Detachments
Marines serve on a rotational basis on all Navy ships in the Awake, Rhodondra, Montran and Dominator classes. The Marines provide a complement to the ship security detail, as well as a rapid response and reaction force to immediate surface threats and on shore missions. In total at any one time, about 800 to 1,000 Marines serve on Navy ships.
Coastal Defence Force
Coastal Defence Area A
I Coastal Defence Regiment Jezar Mergu Naval Station In service
II Coastal Defence Regiment Aruang Naval Station In service
Coastal Defence Area B
III Coastal Defence Regiment Port Niyi Naval Base In service
IV Coastal Defence Regiment Lakhesis Naval Station In service
Coastal Defence Area C
V Coastal Defence Regiment Ikka Naval Station In service
VI Coastal Defence Regiment Kahala Naval Base In service
Coastal Defence Area D
VII Coastal Defence Regiment Santa Clara Naval Station In service
VIII Coastal Defence Regiment Z Naval Station In service
Coastal Defence Area E
IX Coastal Defence Regiment Galarmjabat Naval Base In service
X Coastal Defence Regiment Estarisa Naval Station In service



List of ships of the Sanaman Navy.

Class Origin Type Quantity Image Notes
Commissioned ships
Sanilla Guided missile cruiser 4 Dominator-class missile cruiser.png Introduced in 1685.
Porto Napole Sanama SSMI Destroyer 14 Montran-class destroyer.png Produced in Sanama, in commission since 1680.
Halimpan Sanama SSMI Escort frigate 12 Protector-class missile frigate.png Introduced in 1689.
Palë Sanama SSMI Patrol and ASW Corvette 20 Seafox-class corvette.png Introduced in 1683.
Enosa Sanama SSMI Patrol boat 16 Interceptor-class patrol boat.png Introduced in 1690–1693.
Rhodondra Sanama SSMI Amphibious assault ship 6 Rhodondra-class.png Introduced in 1681.
Independence Sanama SSMI
Sathrati Amity Shipyards, Erudition
Amphibious landing dock 8 Gravcarrier.png Refitted from the Terhiya-class.
Acquecalde Sanama SSMI Submarine 12 Awake submarine.png Since 1675.
Anandja Sanama SSMI Mine countermeasures vessel 8 Seafox-class corvette.png Introduced in 1687.
Terhiya Sathrati Amity Shipyards, Erudition Logistic support vessel 14 Gravcarrier.png Six transferred by Benacia Command in 1674. Two purchased in 1681. 14 transferred by Benacia Command in 1690. Eight refitted as Independence-class transport docks.
Navy Reserve
Fatehpur Sikri Sanama SSMI Fast attack ship 12 Melusine-class fast attack missile boat.png Introduced in 1681. 24 transferred to the Coast Guard in 1690. 18 transferred to the Navy Reserve in 1690–1693. Six donated to Byalia in 1693, including crew training.
Port Niyi Shireroth Minesweeper 4 [1] Retired in 1690, moved to Navy Reserve.
Auxiliary Vessels
Vigilance Sanama SSMI Reconnaissance ship 3 200px Introduced in 1681.
Fleet Replenishment Oiler Sanama SSMI Fleet replenishment oiler 8 Converted from civilian ships, entered service in 1675.
Dry Cargo Dry cargo/ammunition 7
Tender Sanama SSMI Auxiliary vessel 7 Converted from civilian ships, entered service in 1675.
Salvage Tug Sanama SSMI Auxiliary vessel 4 In service (1674).
Tugboat Sanama SSMI Auxiliary vessel 8 In service (1674), converted from civilian ships.
Pollution Control Boat Sanama SSMI Auxiliary vessel 2 In service as of 1675, converted from civilian ships.
Scientific Exploration Ship Sanama SSMI Auxiliary vessel 1 Purchased from private user, converted for use in the Navy in Port Niyi.
Tall Ship Shireroth Shireroth Sailing Training Vessel 2 In service, built in 1618.
Former ship classes
De Drie Hertogdommen Destroyer 4 Purchased from Talenore in 1675. Decommissioned, leased by West Amokolia in 1685. Sold to Suren in 1688.
Elwynn Shireroth Shireroth
Sanama SSMI
Corvette 14 Elwynn Class Corvette.png Six purchased from Talenore in 1675. Eight ordered from Siccre Maritime Industries, eight delivered in 1676. Decommissioned, leased by West Amokolia in 1685. Seven sold to Suren in 1688, seven transferred to Coast Guard.
Klimatariá Constancia Constancia Corvette 2 Klimatariá-class Missile Corvette.png Purchased from Talenore in 1675. Decommissioned, leased by West Amokolia in 1685. Sold to Suren in 1688.
Port Niyi Shireroth Shireroth Minesweeper 8 Purchased from Talenore in 1675 and 1676. Four decommissioned in 1687 and 1688, being replaced by the Anandja class. Four sold to the Suren in 1688. Four transferred to the Navy Reserve in 1690.
F-9N Ashavan II Sanama Mistra Naval Multirole Fighter 144 F-9 Ashavan II.png In service.
TR-279 Dront Sanama Brightworks VTOL Transport 114 TR-279 Dront.png In service.
AH-75 Cobra Sanama Brightworks Reconnaissance and attack helicopter 36 AH-75 Cobra.png In service.
UH-76 Dromosker Sanama Brightworks Multirole Utility Helicopter 88 UH-76 Dromosker.png In service.
CH-276 Camel Sanama Brightworks Transport Helicopter 30 CH-276 Camel.png In service.