UH-76 Dromosker

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UH-76 Dromosker
UH-76 Dromosker.png
UH-76 Dromosker
Type Multirole Utility Helicopter
Place of origin Sanama Sanama
Introduced 1676 AN
Number built TBD
Designed 1675 AN
Manufacturer Brightworks
Length 16.13 m
Main rotor diameter 16.3 m
Empty weight 6,400 kg
Loaded weight 10,600 kg
Powerplant 2 x Brightworks turboshaft engines
Maximum speed 300 km/h
Range 1,000 km
Service ceiling 6,000 m
Rate of climb 8 m/s
  • 2 x door machine guns
  • 4 fuselage hardpoints carrying
    • Anti-submarine missiles or torpedos
    • Air-to-surface missiles or rockets
    • Electronic warfare or signal intelligence pods

The UH-76 Dromosker is a medium lift utility and assault helicopter produced by Sanaman aircraft manufacturer Brightworks.


HH-76 Dromosker

Ambulance helicopter version of the UH-76 with capacity for 12 MEDEVAC stretchers and medical staff.

NH-76 Dromosker

Naval version adapted to land and takeoff from ships in movement. Configured for anti-submarine warfare, but can also be modified for advanced warning, signal intelligence or rescue operations.

RH-76 Dromosker

Unarmed version operated by the Federal Navy for marine rescue and recovery.

UH-76 Dromosker

Standard utility version. Armed with two door guns.


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