CH-276 Camel

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CH-276 Camel
CH-276 Camel.png
CH-276 Camel
Type Transport helicopter
Place of origin Sanama Sanama
Introduced 1675 AN
Number built TBD
Designed 1674 AN
Manufacturer Brightworks
Length 30.1 m
Fuselage length/width 15.85 m / 3.78 m
Main rotor diameter 18.3 m
Empty weight 11,148 kg
Max. takeoff weight 22,680 kg
Powerplant 2 x Brightworks turboshaft engines (3,500 kW each)
Maximum speed 315 km/h
Range 741 km
Service ceiling 6,100 m
Rate of climb 7.73 m/s
Armaments Up to 3 pintle-mounted medium machine guns (1 on loading ramp and 2 at shoulder windows), generally 7.62 mm, and can be armed with 7.62 mm rotary machine gun.
Avionics Brightworks standard rotary wing avionics

The CH-276 Camel is a transport helicopter developed and produced by Sanaman company Brightworks.


Sanama Sanama

South Sea Islands South Sea Islands

Unified Governorates Unified Governorates