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Semisa City

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Semisa City
Administrative divisions

Semisa City flag.png

Semisa City location.png

Capital Semisa City
Largest cities

  • Total
670,673 (1714)
  • Density
1,063 per km2
  • Rank
16 of 16

  • Total
631 km2
  • Rank
16 of 16

  • Executive
Executive Council (15)
  • Legislative
Legislative Council (75)

Official language(s) Sanaman, Istvanistani
Other language(s)
Local religion Somanes, Cedrism
Subdivision code SEC

Semisa City is the capital of Sanama. The seat of government was transferred from Niyi in 1679. The city is administratively and politically separate from the surrounding people's republics. The previous separate district and territory that contained the city was abolished in 1702. It was created from territory ceded from the provinces of Eastern Amarra and Central Sanilla and on the border with Thanatos, in the symbolical center of the country. In 1696 the city was renamed from Sanama City to Semisa City in honour of national hero Semisa Nakita Nur Pinito Caprici. Following the cession of Thanatos to Shireroth in 1703, the capital city is much closer to the international border. With Sanama yet again becoming a unitary state in 1707, the symbolism of the capital's location has diminished, and there is an active political discussion about possibly moving the capital back to Niyi.


The main representative body for the city is the Semisa City General Assembly. It is composed of one representative from each neighborhood, elected at the neighborhood annual meeting. The General Assembly in turn elect the Executive Council. The opposition is guaranteed the right to attend meetings of the Executive Council, but without the right to participate in decisions.