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Iron Harbour Papers

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The Iron Harbour Papers is a large leak starting in late 1699 AN of over 11 million documents, in electronic format, published and analyzed over a long series of articles by an entity calling itself The New Daily Mail & Telegraph of Free Eliria, as syndicated and reprinted by the Daily Lightbringer. The papers detail business relationships, incorporation statements, tax returns, and troves of attorney-client information for hundreds of thousands of off-shore corporate entities.

It takes its name from Tiě Gǎng, the International Mandate for the Settlements in Apollonia, due to the significant mention of an entity calling itself the Blackfriars Bank, a private bank and investment bank domiciled in legal papers in Room 39 of the EC Hotel of the Blackfriars district.


A significant number of government officials, business leaders, and high net-worth individuals and families appear in these documents.

The Autokrator of Constancia and Prince of Molivadia, Jaime Augusto Joaquin Primo de Aguilar, as well as Isor Verion, and others are just some of the individuals mentioned in these papers.


  • Virgilius Vasilescu, son of the prominent assassinated Agilulf Vasilescu, incorporated a trust, the 842 Trust, which had on deposit 235.6 million Craitish Cräite at Blackfriars Bank.
  • Jost Grobba, son of the esteemed, deceased Joachim Grobba, had on deposit in various currencies, and in various trusts, such as the JG Trust, Sword Investment Trust, and Executive Resolution Trust Corporation, an amount equivalent to 488 million natopo.
  • A trust named KoeppenHaven has on deposit 89 million natopo. Its (potential) relationship to the well-known businessman-politician Matthäus Koeppen is as of yet unproven.
  • The global firm of Zollinger Kirchner has been linked to a number of transactions documented in these papers. Jürgen Zollinger, Senior Managing Partner of the firm, has an account at Blackfriars Bank amounting to 2.6 billion natopo.
  • FutureWealth, a corporation incorporated in Ijubicastagrad Harbor, Jaris has an account with Blackfriars Bank amounting to 326 million New Alexandrian écu.
  • Javier Primo de Aguilar, half-brother of the Prince of Molivadia, has an account worth 43 million New Alexandrian écu.
  • The Autokrator of Constancia is incorporator and beneficial owner of, among others, the Aquileia Trust, which has 30 million natopo on deposit at the Blackfriars Bank, as well as the Montefalco Trust, which has 13.3 million Craitish Cräite also on deposit at the Blackfriars Bank. He was also identified as the trustee for Hermitage Trust, which has 1.3 billion natopo on deposit at the Blackfriars Bank. He is also listed as Chairman of the Blue Fountain Foundation, incorporated in Beauharnais, Alduria, Nouvelle Alexandrie, which has an account worth 488 million New Alexandrian écu. The Santiago Development Corporation also has an account worth 200 million New Alexandrian écu, while the Duke of Santiago Foundation has an account worth 116.80 million New Alexandrian écu. The Principality of Molivadia has an account worth 240 million Imperial Stater, as well as an account worth 163 million New Alexandrian écu. The House of Santiago-Santander has an account worth 944 million Imperial Stater, as well as 370 million New Alexandrian écu and 130 million natopo.
  • The Vinfetto family of Sanama has an account worth around 435 million rilha.
  • Yon Qusen, former Chancellor of Sanama and Secretary for Defence, and current Consiljere of Faca AG, has an account worth 210 million rilha. In addition, several other high level politicians and business people from Sanama have smaller accounts.

International Reactions

  • Constancia Constancia: The Imperial Constancian Government has repeatedly stated that " disclosures by these so-called Iron Harbour Papers are mere speculation and a propaganda attack initiated by enemies of the Imperial Constancian State and the Constancian people. They are envious of the order and stability provided by the Autokrator of Constancia, long may he govern, all these decades."