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Eugenia Aguilar

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Eugenia Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya, Viscountess of Hope, born as Eugenia Cecilia Primo de Aguilar de Todos los Santos on 23.X.1670 in Triegón, Natopia, and better known as Eugenia Aguilar, is a Neo-Alexandrian (Aldurian) woman who became famous in late 1696 in New Alexandria, Constancia and Hurmu, after she published two birth certificates on social media, the first of which was her own. In this one, her parents were indicated to be Autokrator of Constancia Jaime Augustin Joaquin Primo de Aguilar and Hurmu's top shot senator Catarina de Todos los Santos u-Kart. The second birth certificate showed that her newborn son, Michael, (born 21.V.1696), had been fathered by Hopsy (whom she called a "friend"). Eugenia alleged that the reason she disclosed these birth certificates was that she had been unable to get sufficient funding for herself from her parents and "friend" to take care of her baby. Eugenia herself is a university student in Constancia, studying media and communication. According to her, she was raised by an "aunt" (a person with the surname of Aguilar in Punta Santiago, who had been paid to raise her by Primo de Aguilar and Catarina de Todos los Santos).

Two days after the release of the birth certificates, Hopsy, on his parents' urging, reluctantly married Eugenia, and their child was subsequently legitimised in Shirerithian law. The Imperial Constancian Embassy in Shirekeep cryptically confirmed that Eugenia and Michael possessed de jure Constancian nationality as well, by operation of Imperial Constancian law. Embassy staff refused to confirm or deny if the passports that would have been issued to them were the diplomatic kind or the regular kind.

In Hurmu, the scandal caused the resignation of Catarina de Todos los Santos u-Kart from the Senate, as she had kept the identity of her first-born daughter secret to the Order of the Holy Lakes and to her own family. A few weeks later, Catarina's husband (not Eugenia's father) divorced his wife.

In the Imperial State, there was no public or media mention of these events, although talk was rife in the diplomatic community and in hushed tones among the elite and upper class. Coincidentally, the Princess Esmeralda took the opportunity to tour and inspect her domains in her own right, the Principality of Arboria and the Viscounty of Lumenetra.

The Order of the Holy Lakes released a statement finding that all documents were in order, and thus, Eugenia, her son (now officially named Mikhail Ivanovich Maksimilianov-Shvinnskiy, and her new husband, were all inscribed as members of the Order of the Holy Lakes.

In 1697, she was hired as a junior editor for the Benacian bureau of the ESB Intelligencer, which is curated and published by the Financial and Legal Directorate.

In 1698, she gave birth to a daughter, Ekaterina Ivanovna Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya, named in honour of her own mother.

In 1699, she is said to have been in the employ of a very-private equity Shirerithian firm in an administrative capacity, specifically in corporate communications. That same year, it was revealed by the Iron Harbour Papers that she was a director, with her esteemed relative twice-over, Christina Aguilar, in Goldenhand Trust, a corporation incorporated in the International Mandate for the Settlements in Apollonia, which had on deposit, a mind-boggling 16.6 billion Craitish Cräite.