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Constancian Commercial Exchange Corporation

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A brokerage and stock exchange operating in the Free and Associative Kingdom of Constancia. Chief Executive Alexandrukas Laskaris of the Basileusan Bank.

Court of Directors

  1. Alexandrukas Laskaris (CE), Basileusan Bank
  2. Theresa Petride, Thema Oranjesion
  3. Viljo Kaljurand, Atacama Corporation
  4. Dietmar Schönbeck, Banca Credito Commercio Immobiliare
  5. Anooshirvan Bagherzadeh, Imperial & Emirati Bank of Alalehzamin and Constancia
  6. Matthäus Koeppen, Oranjesion Private Equity Capital
  7. Enoch Ismachiah, Haifa Trading Group
  8. Kali Massanauzzi, South Sea (Ura'Bos) Company Ltd
  9. Mansour Nassirian, Gainshare Capital Holdings

Brokerage listings

Company Logo Company Name Area of Economic Activity Offices Share Price Free Float/Shares Offered (% Remaining)
- Constancian Commercial Exchange Corporation Brokerage and Financial Services Astérapolis C$ 200,000,000 41/50 (82.00%)
- Androphagos Corporation Trade with Ungoverned Eura Raspur TBC TBC
- Aqaba-Nivardom Railway Construction and Development Corporation Railway Construction & Development Aqaba C$ 845 200,894,960/1,000,000,000 (20.09%)
- Atacama Corporation Consulting and Property Management Aqaba C$ 900 89,996,000/1,000,000,000 (8.99%)
- Balísta Ergostásio Synarmológisis Design & Manufacture of Artillery Nivardom TBC (0%)
- Basileusan Bank Central Banking Services Astérapolis TBC (0%)
- Cario Entertainment Corporation Casino and Resort Hotel Management and Development Cario C$ 845 146,393,000/500,000,000 (29.28%)
- Corum Appropriations Company Organ Harvesting, Preparation and Sale of Holistic Medicines Princely Isle
- Ekklisiastikés Kampánes Chytírio Foundry and Furnace Complex Nísos Aigón TBC (0%)
- Ergostásio Aeroskafón Aircraft Design and Manufacture Nivardom TBC (0%)
ESB.png ESB-Jörmungandr Group Commodity Services, Logistic Services, Outsourcing Services, Financial Services, Security, Colonial Ventures Aqaba TBC TBC
- EuraPrudential Financial Services Aqaba TBC TBC
- EuraSolar Solar Power Generation & Distribution Aqaba TBC TBC
- EuraTeknik Aviation Services Aqaba TBC TBC
- Eura Telecommunications Corporation Telecommunications infrastructure Aqaba TBC TBC
- Kerularios & Company Haulage, Logistics, and Transportation Aqaba TBC TBC
- Prattaya Engineering Solutions Engineering Consultant Services Aqaba TBC TBC
- Zjandarian Railway Construction and Development Corporation Railway Construction & Development Aqaba C$ 1,000 1,896,000/500,000,000 (00.38%)