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Prattaya Engineering Solutions

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Prattaya Engineering Solutions was a Constancian company specializing in providing engineering consulting and technical expertise services, as well as the leasing and provision of engineering and heavy equipment through its subsidiaries.

The company's founder, Cheunpi Prattaya, a naturalised Xang Muang national with Jing heritage, was crushed to death under the hooves of an Euran Pachyderm on the orders of the Permanent Standing Committee on 25.XIV.1670. His daughter, Meng Prattaya was subsequently able to secure ownership of the company after paying a substantial fee to the government and pledging herself directly as a bondswoman of the PSC.

In 1692, Prattaya Engineering Solutions became a joint-venture between Kerularios & Company, ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Inc., the Pahlavye Oil Company, and the Aldurian Oil Company after securing a majority of shares of the company among themselves. Meng Prattaya was permitted to quietly retire to Ransenar, under the surveillance and protection of ESB-Jagdverbände.

At its first joint meeting of the Shareholders and the Board of Directors after the mutual acquisition, it was agreed to rename the corporation to Engineering Solutions Business, Inc.