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Flag of Jäärland
Coat of Arms of Jäärland
Coat of Arms
Anthem: [[File:National Anthem of Jääland .mp3|]]
Location of Jäärland
Map versions
Capital Hellistelli
Largest city Hellistelli
Official language(s) Finnish
Official religion(s) Church of the Holy Lance
Demonym Jäärrish
 - Adjective Jäärrish
Government Parliamentary Republic
 - President TBD
 - Legislature Jääland senaatti.
Establishment 6th November 2019
Population 2.7 million
Currency Florian Dollar
Abbreviation JAR
Driving side Right
Time zone(s)
National website
National forum
National animal Bruin
National food Meatballs
National drink milk
National tree

Jääland is a small nordic micronation in Northern Apollonia. The capital and largest city is Hellistelli. Other major cities inlcude, Ukkonen and Kankylä. Despite having a small population and located in the very north of Apollonia, Jääland attracts many tourists due to the various ski resorts and the cold weather. Jääland currently has a population of 2.7 million who mostly live in the central and southern parts of the country.


Jääland's economy is relatively strong however relies on trade with it's major trading partner, the Confederate States of Floria.


Despite numerous protests, Jääland mostly uses nuclear power as wind power and hydropower combined don't provide enough for residents. Jääland also lacks fossil fuels domestically and so these must be imported from elsewhere. This includes uranium for nuclear power.


Public transport is difficult to operate in the country especially in the north. Jääland, therefore, has an extensive road system mostly used by internal cargo and passenger traffic. Hellistelli International Airport is the main international gateway with the airport serving as the hub of Air Jääland. In 1686 AN, construction of a national highway began.


Jääland's main industry is steel production and its main trading partner is the Confederate States of Floria with both exchanging goods regularly. Both countries operate a free trade and movement agreement with each other.



Around 68% of Jaarish citizens follow the Church of the Holy Lance which was introduced by visitors from the Confederate States of Floria. However, like Floria, membership of the religion is declining as more people become more irreligious. Other notable religions in Jaaland include Umraism and Judaism.


Jääland's most popular sport in terms of fan attendance and TV audiences is ice hockey. However, the national sport of Jääland is baseball. The top-flight ice hockey league in the country is called the Jääland-Liiga which currently has 10 teams and the league is currently the only fully professional sports competition in the country. The winner of the league qualifies for the MHL Cup. The most popular teams are Jokerit Hellistelli,TPS Ukkonen and Karhut IFK. The national sport of baseball is mostly a semi-professional sport and many villages and towns compete in regional tournaments before each regional champion plays in the national championship, hosted by a team in turns from each region. Jaaland provides roughly 5% of players in Super League Baseball and many play for the national team. The national team competed at the inaugural Micras Classic in April 2020 and finished 4th overall. Other popular sports include speedway and floorball. Football is not a popular sport in Jääland compared to other countries in Apollonia and the sport is played on an amateur basis. Therefore footballers of Jaaland usually move abroad to academies and universities in the Confederate States of Floria to continue their player development.

Foreign relations

Due to its location, Jaaland has little foreign relations. In order to function, it relies on the Confederate States of Floria for aid. There have been numerous calls for Jaaland to join the Raspur Pact as membership benefits would boost the micronation's potential with the rest of Micras. It is yet unclear however if Jaaland will apply for the alliance.