Petri Pukki

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Petri Pukki is the first and so-far only president of Jääland. Born in 1640 outside Hellistelli to a family of hunters and farmers, and educated in Floria (agricultural sciences, with a minor in political sciences), he engaged the people of the peninsula to form a sovereign state under the name of Jääland. Together with other landowners in the area, and with help of the clergy of the Church of the Holy Lance, he wrote and enacted the Constitution of Jääland. As such, Pukki is considered the father of the Jääland nation.

He is, since 1673 married to Niina née Hellinen (born 1644), and together they have four sons, Kalle (born 1675), Sakari (born 1677), Mika (born 1679), and Juhani (born 1681).