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Mat Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn

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Mat Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn

Phinbellan Administrator of the Territory of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï
Assumed office
14 November RP 2618
President Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen
Preceded by Kim So-Kyun (pre-condominium)
Member of the Council of Shared Sovereignty of the Territory of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï
Assumed office
14 November RP 2618
Appointed by Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen
Chairwoman Avina Mira Avon-El
Personal details
Mat Phinean Phineas Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn

(-5BP-03-13) 13 March -5BP (age 25)
Perantau Damai, Fredengkoir VIII Land Collectivity, Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï
Nationality Phinbellan-Hurmudan
Spouse(s) Mat A'an "Mama Gempa" Flynn
5 (2 boys, 3 girls)
  • Phinean
  • Sandra
  • Elliot
  • Amber
  • Chico
Mother Unknown mother
Father Unknown father
Residence Perantau Damai, Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï
Alma mater University of the Straits Settlements
Profession Student
Species Human
Race Tōnán'hyôrïans and Springwind Islanders
Hair Color and Style Red, brown and white
Eye Color Blue, brown and orange
Skin Color Coloured
Military service
Allegiance Phinbella
Free area of the Federation
Branch/service Army of the Federation of Phinbella
Years of service RP 2610–now
Musical career
Instruments Vocals, guitarist, drummer
Years active RP 2612–present
Labels Skyline Label · Wayang Tinggi Entertainment
Associated acts Mat A'an Flynn · Mat Phineas Flynn · Mat Amato Flynn · Ferb Fletcher
Member of Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan · Trio Q

Mat Phinean Phineas Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn (Taesongean: 맛 피니언 피니어스 토난효리 플린), known as Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï (Taesongean: 피니언 토난효리), is a Phinbellan-Hurmudan singer, musician and engineer who from Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï, a Phinbellan dependent territory that is now a condominium administered by the Phineonesian Confederation and Hurmu. He is also a soldier in the Army of the Federation of Phinbella and also the Phinbellan administrator in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï, he is a member of the Council of Shared Sovereignty of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï. Commonly referred to as the Tōnán'hyôrïan Rocker, Tōnán'hyôrïan Ballad Boy and one of the Kings of Phinbellan Rock by the Phinbellan media. Although he was born in the town of Perantau Damai in the Fredengkoir VIII Land Collectivity, he has the same date of birth as Mat Phineas Flynn.

At the beginning of his career, he was one of the lead vocalists and guitarists of Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan. Although he is still in PTS, he started releasing his own solo album for his hometown market and the Yapreayan-contemporary market in RP 2612 under the same label as the band he was a part of, Wayang Tinggi Entertainment. His first solo album, It's Simple As That, has managed to sell 44,500 copies and his hit songs and covers have topped the Tōnán'hyôrïan Broadcasting Corporation radio chart. The following year, his second solo album, Gamsa Hamnida was also successful by selling a total of 65,850 copies.

He was now appointed by the President of Phinbella, Muhammad Furkorn Mat Jeen as the Phinbellan administrator of the territory during the condominium era on 14 November RP 2618, and was also appointed as a member of the Council of Shared Sovereignty of the territory representing the Phineonesian Confederation on the same day.

Life and career

-5BP–RP 2610: Early life and early career

Mat Phinean Phineas Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn was born on March 13, -5BP, which is the same birth date as Mat Phineas Flynn. He was born in a maternity clinic in Perantau Damai, a town located in Fredengkoir VIII Land Collectivity, Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï. This town is located about 140 kilometers from the capital of this territory, Longhïa'pyōn Tawao. He is the eldest child and has two younger brothers and a younger sister. His father was a settler who came to Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï and came from Kota Hilir, and his mother was also a settler whose family came from Amaland. His father was of mixed Phineaner, Sam-Sam Laut and Irish descent, while his mother was of mixed Tōnán'hyôrïan of Hurmudan, Yapreayan, Yaarrish (Finns) and Batavian descent. He also has Sam-Sam Ubian descent (Sam-Sam Laut sub-ethnicity) from his father-side paternal grandmother, while his Yapreayan descent is from the Springwind Islands from his mother-side paternal grandfather as well.

Phinean was raised by his family in a landhuis near an estate in Perantau Damai, and now he lives where he grew up with his boyfriend and their five children. For some time Phinean studied at a school some distance from the landhuis.

After he was born, Phinean's father named him by his real name Phineas same as Mat Phineas Flynn, and was named by his second name to commemorate the birthplace of the eldest son, which is in the territory of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï. Throughout his childhood, he was often called "Dan" or "Den" by his neighbors and villagers according to the Common Tongue pronunciation.

At the age of six, he began his studies by entering Perantau Damai Elementary School which is ten kilometers from his home, and also Perantau Damai Yapreayan Vernacular Secondary School at the age of 11. And then at the age of 14, he followed his family to move to the Springwind Islands, he entered the Springwind Islands High School, because it was the only school in the metropolitan islands, and all the students in the high school are male.

Phinean started singing at the age of four when he was in kindergarten. In 2009, Phinean started trying to sing in his first year, at that time his poor family's life was very tight and his family had to find more money to cover Phinean's and his younger brother's school expenses. Phinean began taking part in a nearby wooden boat western restaurant on the river bank. Phinean began to build confidence and interest in singing in the "Perantau Damai Wooden Boat People's Karaoke Competition" by playing and singing to the finals and winning.

While he was at Perantau Damai Yapreayan Vernacular High School, he formed the band "Trauma" a.k.a. "Truman" with his classmates including Daiyan from the school band club. However his talent was scouted by a recording company based in the Springwind Islands, WTE and also an entertainment agency. He was indirectly made a trainee under the WTE record label and the entertainment agency for four years, he also specialized in dance until he was included in the PTS band. At the age of thirteen, he enlisted in the Army of the Federation of Phinbella on August 1st, RP 2608 as a TAPOPS cadet, assigned to the TAPOPS Art Work Team, coincidentally his distant relative or doppelganger, Mat Phineas Flynn was also in the team. While Phinean was in the art team, he worked hard to enrich himself, improving his songwriting skills and learning to play the keyboard piano and mastering the guitar.

RP 2611: Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan (PTS)

RP 2612–RP 2617: Solo career

After almost a year with PTS following the release of the group's album and single, Phinean finally started working on his solo career. He returned to Perantau Damai in the middle of RP 2611 to settle there to build his new life together with his boyfriend, A'an who was brought from the Springwind Islands and started his career there, at the same time he will do his military service there in addition to working in his father's palm oil plantation. At the end of RP 2612, Phinean released his first solo album "It's Simple As That" after exactly eleven months since he and A'an had their first child. A'an as a guitarist is also with him for the making of the songs sung in his album. Three singles were released to support the album: "It's Simple As That" which has two versions, "Because", and "Swing". These three singles were released before the album was released and achieved commercial success in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï especially on local radio stations: "Because" topped the charts, while the other two singles peaked between fourth and tenth. The album was released on her boyfriend's birthday, and debuted at number one with 5,000 pre-ordered copies, and overall the album sold 44,500 copies over 4 months.

After his first solo album was released, he was directly involved in the production of PTS' second album sung by Mat Phineas Flynn, "Virtuous Love" and also the soundtrack album, "The Son of Crystal" which is expected to be launched in RP 2613. He first plunged into acting where he along with his boyfriend, A'an played the main role in the best telenovela The Son of Crystal. The telenovela he starred in had the highest ratings and was watched by Yapreayan viewers and the majority of the residents of the Springwind Islands. On the telenovela soundtrack album, Phinean was chosen by Phineas to lead PTS as a vocalist on the album.

He has started publishing as many as four self-composed songs for his second solo album, although this album mostly consists of cover songs. At the beginning of RP 2614, Phinean continued his efforts and released his second solo album, Gamsa Hamnida (transliteration, Thank You) which was published and launched on March 13, in this album there are songs that require high vocals, so he tried his best maybe to raise his vocals before this album is released. After this album was released, it sold 65,850 copies in just three weeks, but in some federal territories, it sold four times platinum compared to the original sales in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï and the album was also nominated for the Federal Territories and Dependencies Galactic Melody Awards in the middle of RP 2615. At the end of winter and the beginning of spring of RP 2615, he together with his boyfriend teamed up with Mat Phineas Flynn to shoot a movie that was shown in August of the same year, and it was filmed in a village that was approximately away from his hometown, this remote village will also be where he will shoot the music video for his new single which will be released a month after the movie is released.

The single titled Selendang Sutera (the Silk Scarf) created by the famous composer Eddie Hamid, which was released on September 8 of the same year received an encouraging and positive response in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï and the federal territory, this single has gained popularity for him to the point of occupying the local charts at the highest place, ahead of other PP-pop songs. Since PhinbellaTrendi started broadcasting, this single is the first song to top the charts for almost two months on the Island Wide Chart. This single is also the first song that represents Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï as his first participation in the PyeongrangVision Song Festival that takes place in Kota Hilir in RP 2616.

Since RP 2612, Phinean, A'an and Phineas have created a lyric for the Phinbellan national anthem with the song composed by the late Ahn Eak-tai, where the original lyrics were changed according to Phinbella's identity and culture, and translated into the national language, and on at that time Phinbella used the old national anthem titled "Semoga Pagi Menyinar", but four years later, the late Ahn Eak-tai's composition and lyrics created by him along with two others were chosen as the new Phinbellan national anthem which was given the title, Die Stem van Phinbella, it was officially announced on April 20, RP 2616. At the end of RP 2616, he released a compilation album featuring his hit songs from the previous two albums for overseas markets such as in Sanpantul and others, this compilation album released was the last before terminating his contract with KT Music-UMG Federation in RP 2617, but he is still an artist under the auspices of WTE and his entertainment agency, and his own two patrons will work with the recording company from Bahot to continue his career.

RP 2618–present: Rise of other language pop music

Personal life

Phinean still has both his mother and father where both his parents live in a new house nearby across the street from his old house with his other siblings. He also has four siblings, a younger sister, Elizabeth Flynn, and two younger brothers, Edward and Leafie. Unless he still lives in his old house with his boyfriend Mat A'an Flynn. As a result of his relationship with A'an, he has five children, two sons and three daughters, his four children are named Mat Phinean Prebet Phineas Phrescott Flynn (born RP 2612) or often called by him by his own name, Prebet Charlotte Vanessa Flynn (born RP 2613), Mat Phinean Prebet Elliot Flavius Flynn (born RP 2615), and two twin daughters, Prebet Amber Persefone Flynn and Prebet Chico Merinda Flynn, each born in RP 2618.


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It's Simple As That
Gamsa Hamnida (감사합니다)
Bise Vol. II
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