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Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan

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Also known as Peti Ais · New Boyz · Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan
Origin Springwind Islands, Straits Settlements, Phinbella
Genres PP-pop · PhinK-pop · Yapreayan pop · Hard rock · pop rock · hip hop · R&B · dance
Occupations Singer, musicians and composer
Years active RP 2611 (RP 2611)–present
Labels Wayang Tinggi Entertainment · Animonsta Records

PTS (acronym for Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan, pronunced as Peti Ais (in Phineaner or Phinbellan for refrigator or ice box)) is also known as New Boyz is a Phinbellan male vocal group formed by recording company Wayang Tinggi Entertainment. The band is made up of seven members whose all members are from Springwind Islands, Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï, Kota Hilir and from Nova England. This group is among the PP-pop groups formed by Phineas himself besides PFT, The Baljeetles and Valèntich and the Friends-Tones, where the members of the group he formed vary. Founded in RP 2611, the group sings Phinbellan rock genre songs (a combination of Phineaner, Taesongean and Sangunese rock). They have recorded seven albums so far, and at the end of RP 2613, the album titled Son of the Crystal and a drama of the same title were well received by PP-pop fans across the Gangwol region, where a hit song was created entirely by vocalists and lead guitarists who narrates himself with one of his sons, the two members are also the main characters in the drama. The Son of the Crystal album has sold nearly a million units across Gangwol region and two autonomous entities, not only that, it is also sold in several Poyoan and Dusham settlements in Bahot and Ghawur. It is made as one of the famous groups on par with other PP-pop groups including other groups formed by Phineas himself. At the end of RP 2616, the group once again rocked PP-pop with its plated song titled Gold. There are plated songs sung by PTS. Among other hit songs such as Virtuous Love, Fantasy Season of Love, Lines of Life, You Are My Darling, Our Creation Love, Owls Miss the Moon and others.

After the episode "The Last Day of Summer", then the journey of Phineas and six other members began after a week with his first three singles, and was followed by his first studio album, Phinbellan Newest Boys Vol.1 on December 20, RP 2611. Although it was released with a reception warm, even bigger success followed by a string of his three hit songs Lines of Life, Fantasy Season of Love and Cintamu Hiasan Cuma has topped the Phinbellan music charts for ten consecutive weeks which broke records, Fantasi Musim Cinta has won Song of the Year in the RP 2612 Phinbellan Music Awards.

In RP 2612, the septet returned with their first EP titled The Most Beautiful Memories, despite the warm response they did not get any awards at the time, however this album has become the first PP-pop album to get certified platinum from the Phinbellan Recording Industry Association (PRIA) and the Forajasakian Recording Industry Association (FRIA) and once charted a song chart in Forajasaki. In RP 2613, their second studio album, Virtuous Love with its hit song of the same title and Our Creation Love has been topping the charts for several weeks and its hit songs have been included in several compilation albums in Forajasaki.



Cultural impact and legacy


Members name Personal biography
Phineas Ori (피니어스 오리)
  • Full name: Mat Phinean Phineas Jimmy Flynn
  • Birth date: (-5BP-03-13) March 13, -5BP (age 24)
  • Birth place: Straits Settlements Springwind Islands
  • Role: Vocalist, leader
Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï (피니언 토난효리)
  • Full name: Mat Phinean Phineas Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn
  • Birth date: (-5BP-03-13) March 13, -5BP (age 24)
  • Birth place: Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï Perantau Damai
  • Role: Vocalist
A'an (아안)
  • Full name: Mat Phinean A'an Flynn
  • Birth date: (-5BP-11-20) November 20, -5BP (age 23)
  • Birth place: Straits Settlements Springwind Islands
  • Role: Lead guitarist, composer, lyricist
  • Known as: "Mama A'an", "Mama Gempa"
Gintaro (긴타로)
  • Full name: Gintaro Takegawa
  • Birth date: (-4BP-05-04) May 4, -4BP (age 23)
  • Birth place: Straits Settlements Springwind Islands
  • Role: Second guitarist, bassist
Ferb (퍼브)
  • Full name: Ferb Fletcher
  • Birth date: (-6BP-02-28) February 28, -6BP (age 25)
  • Role: Drummer, keyboardist
Daiyan (다이얀)
  • Full name: Dylan "Daiyan" Doofenshmirtz
  • Birth date: TBA
  • Birth place: Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï Longhïa'pyōn Tawao
  • Role: Keyboardist
Unknown member
  • Full name: TBA
  • Birth date: TBA
  • Birth place: TBA
  • Role: Bassist


Phineas' Newest Boy Scout

Phinbellan Newest Boys Vol.1

The Most Beautiful Moment

Virtuous Love

The Son of Crystal

Disconya PTS: Sokmo


Disconya PTS: Hot Issue

Leleh Ternyata

The Destiny of Our Love


The Wind Meet Tempest

BoBoiBoy: Wulan

Single chart

Year Title Peak chart positions Sales Certifications Album
PP-Chart BMNA KBS T-OriTest Baik Banget RIAF FBS
RP 2611 Lines of Life Phinbellan Newest Boys
Fantasy Season of Love
Your Love Is Just Decoration
Why You Why You
RP 2613 The Love of Our Creation Virtuous Love
Virtuous Love
The Son of Crystal The Son of Crystal
RP 2614 Wings Wounded Wings Wounded
Venomous Blade Venomous Blade
The Owl Miss The Moon
RP 2615 The Destiny of Our Love The Destiny of Our Love
RP 2616 The Gold Flower Gold
RP 2617 The Wind Meet Tempest The Wind Meet Tempest
RP 2618 Wulan BoBoiBoy: Wulan
Who's Right Who's Wrong




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