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Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï - Bise official album cover.png
Studio album by
Released February 10, RP 2618 (RP 2618-02-10)
Recorded RP 2617-RP 2618
Genre PP-pop, Rock, Pop rock, Balada, Ethnic
Length 58:00
Language Phineaner · Tōnán'hyôrïan Phineaner · Sam-Sam Laut · Taemhwanian Phineaner · Tagalog
Label Skyline Pro, Wayang Tinggi Entertainment
Producer Asmin Mudin
Den Bisa
Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï chronology
Gamsa Hamnida
(RP 2614)
(RP 2618)
Bise Vol. II
(RP 2619)
Singles from Bise
  1. "Embau Du Paqsusunanku"
    Released: 20 July RP 2617
  2. "Bise"
    Released: 2 November RP 2617
  3. "Sana'y Babalik Ka Sa Aking"
    Released: 11 February RP 2618
Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï Butas Embau Kabalikan
PyeongrangVision Song Festival 2619 entry
Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï, Hamdan Romolo a.k.a. Den Bisa
Sam-Sam Laut
Den Bisa
Den Bisa · Gypsy
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Entry chronology
◄ "Terlalu Salah" (RP 2618)

Bise (Phineaner: Bisa; literally poisonous or can) is a third studio album by a vocalist from Pinihin Taoukamhwen Shonyendan, Mat Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï Flynn aka Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï, and it was launched on February 10, RP 2618 in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï and on February 26, RP 2618 in the Phinbellan directly-administered territories including the Phinbellan Maritime Territories. Although PTS is still under contract with Wayang Tinggi Entertainment, Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï's third album is the first album under Skyline Production, where the Bahot-based publishing company has Phinbellan branches in Longhïa'pyōn Tawao and Negara Awan.

This album contains 20 songs, most of which were sung by an original singer in RP 2600 and they are sung in five languages, namely Phineaner, Tōnán'hyôrïan Phineaner, Sam-Sam Laut, Taemhwanian Phineaner and Tagalog. Among the hit songs in this album are Bise, Embau Du Paqsusunanku (Neither Do I Regret It), Butas Embau Kabalikan (Separation Will Never Come Back), Sana'y Babalik Ka Sa Aking (Hope You Come Back To Me) and Ku Nanggung Kea Diri (I Take Care of Myself). His hit song, Butas Embau Kabalikan was chosen to represent Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï for the PyeongrangVision Song Festival 2619 held in the Providenciales Bonin Islands, the song he was was announced to be a winner of this edition and successfully qualified to representing the Phineonesian Confederation for Micrasvision 2023 in Rusjar, Zeed.

Background and release

After two previous albums that have already been launched, namely It's Simple As That and Gamsa Hamnida where previous songs have topped the local charts, Phinean Tōnán'hyôrï has officially ended his contract with KT Music after five years of signing a contract with him, while he who is still in PTS, is also still in contract with Wayang Tinggi Entertainment. After ending the contract, he looked for ideas to arrange songs and experiment with different styles for the next album.

In the middle of RP 2617, Phinean finally signed a contract with Skyline Production where the publishing company based in Bahot and has a branch in Longhïa'pyōn Tawao will collaborate with WTE to release his upcoming albums and songs. In October RP 2617, he together with PTS and another lead vocalist, Mat Phineas Flynn held a press conference with fans via live broadcast online, he revealed that he will be ready to launch his new solo album with Skyline Pro.

Finally on February 10, RP 2618, this album was officially launched where the newly launched album was sold in the form of cassettes and audio compact discs in Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï. Sixteen days later, the album was re-launched for the Phinbellan Maritime Territories market as well as for the directly-administered territories market.

After that, the filming of the music video for this album was done in several places around Pos Jor and Batang Padang, namely at Changkowodan Resort, Bandar Maharani Restaurant and also BP One Star Mall where the DVD store, Pochonko Electronic Film Store and Choi Kyung-min's telecommunications store are located. The filming took place a month after the Aidilfitri festival. This album will be sold in VCD form including karaoke starting in September RP 2618.


The album is sold in cassette and physical CD form, and the physical CD is released in two different versions, an audio CD form and a karaoke VCD form. This album in cassette form contains the album cover, cassette, track list, lyrics and photos. While this album in CD and VCD form includes the album cover, 2 CDs, lyric book, photos, postcards, coasters, stickers, brochures and double-sided posters. The photos, album cover and poster of this album are fanart drawings from the artist known as @phinean_ch who used to draw fanart about Mat Phineas Flynn.


Track listing

Bisestandard version (cassete and audio CD)
No.TitleLyricsMusicOriginal singerLength
1."Bise"Asmin MudinAsmin MudinDen Bisa4:55
2."Joget Dua Jiwa"Den BisaAsmin Mudin · AdieDen Bisa4:11
3."Membelai Rindu"Den BisaLanang · Den BisaDen Bisa6:34
4."Bila Rindu Mengusik"Ading · RayAsmin MudinDen Bisa4:01
5."Petatah"Emon · YeattEmon · WalletDen Bisa4:18
6."Sana'y Babalik Ka Sa Aking"Den BisaKimin MudinDen Bisa4:42
7."Embau Du Paqsusunanku"Den BisaDen BisaDen Bisa4:25
8."Butas Embau Kabalikan"Den Bisa · GypsyDen BisaDen Bisa4:08
9."Ku Nanggung Kea Diri"Den Bisa · Putera PulauDen BisaDen Bisa5:01
10."Bibit-Bibit Cinto"Putera Pulau Den Bisa4:47
11."Tafsiran Khayalan" (feat. Gin)A. AnangAdingDen Bisa · Asmin Mudin5:59
12."Alamak Cun"  Den Bisa4:59
Total length:58:00
VCD karaoke+DVD Edition – DVD bonus tracks
2."Joget Dua Jiwa"4:11
3."Membelai Rindu"6:34
4."Bila Rindu Mengusik"4:01
6."Sana'y Babalik Ka Sa Aking"4:42
7."Embau Du Paqsusunanku"4:25
8."Butas Embau Kabalikan"4:08
9."Ku Nanggung Kea Diri"5:01
10."Tafsiran Khayalan"5:59
11."Album making" 

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