Imperial Navy of Shireroth

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Imperial Navy of Shireroth
Shire flag.png

Logo imperial navy of shireroth.png

Active: 1507 AN - Present
In use by: Ministry of Military Affairs
Allegiance: Shireroth Shireroth (Imperial Regency)

The Imperial Navy of Shireroth is the maritime arm of the the Imperial Forces. Once one of the foremost navies of Micras it has, since the Kalirion Fracture (1671) been a shadow of its former self - consisting of a flotilla of frigates based out of the island of Kezan and a couple of Poltroon-class nuclear attack submarines, with the remainder having been either scrapped, scuttled at sea, or else lost to the various Vulture States which arose from the ruins of the Imperial Republic in Benacia.

Following the acquisition of the Guttuli, the Golden Mango Throne has directed new resources to be put into modernizing and expanding the Imperial Navy.