MN-2 Manda

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Manda-class Diesel-Electric Submarine

Manda submarine.png
Type: Submarine
Place of origin: Shireroth Shireroth

In service: 1698 –
Used by: Shireroth Shireroth
Planned 8
Building: 4
Completed: 3
Commissioned: 3

Designed: 1692 – 1698 AN
Manufacturer: Shireroth Shireroth · Musica Naval Arsenal

Displacement: 3,000 tonnes
Length: 80 m
Beam: 6.4 m
Draft: 6 m
Decks: 2

  • 1 x diesel-electric engine
  • 2 x hydrogen fuel cells
Range: 18,500 km at 10 kts
Speed: +20 kts (37 km/h)
Complement: 32
Endurance: 50 days
  • 4 × 533 mm torpedo tubes (15 torpedoes)
  • 2 Vertical Multi-Purpose Locks for 6 missiles each
  • 1 Forward Multi-Purpose Lock

The MN-2 Manda is a diesel-electric submarine produced at the Musica Naval Arsenal, with technology provided by study of naval assets inherited from Drak-Modan, Setec Kezan Ltd, and maintenance of Shireroth's remaining shire:Poltroon Class Submarine. First contracted in 1692 AN, the lead ship, IRS Manda, was commissioned on 5.III.1698 AN. A lengthy shakedown cruise led to revisions of the design and improved quality control before the Imperial Commission for Defence ordered an initial run of eight ships, with the intention to order more, pending satisfaction of performance in the fleet, in order to replace the Shirerithian Navy's aging fleet.



Name Hull Number Ordered Laid Down Commissioned
IRS Manda U-201 1692 1696 1698
IRS Anguirus U-202 1700 VI.1701 20.I.1703
IRS Gorgo U-203 XIV.1701 8.VIII.1703
IRS Maguma U-204 VII.1702 6.II.1703
IRS Varan U-205 XV.1702 1.X.1703
IRS Yongari U-206 VIII.1702 5.X.1703
IRS Guilon U-207 I.1703 17.XII.1703
IRS Ogra U-208 X.1703 22.V.1704