Musica Naval Arsenal

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Musica Naval Arsenal is a Shirerithian naval shipyard, chartered to design and manufacture merchant ships and warships. Its charter was issued in 1690 AN, unifying disparate shipyard assets that had been seized for the Golden Mango Throne during the end stage of the Imperial Expedition to the Guttuli. Much of its facilities originated under Kern Industries' Maritime Division.

Its first military contract was to refit and rehabilitate Shireroth's remaining naval assets, namely a flotilla of frigates and submarines based in Kezan as well as two corvettes and a dozen patrol vessels that had been seized from the Guttuli Protectorate.

In 1692 AN, the Musica Naval Arsenal was contracted to design a new submarine to serve as a workhorse for the Shirerithian naval service. In VI.1697 AN, the IRS Atragon, a prototype billed as a modernized Poltroon, began its shakedown cruise. In III.1698 AN, the IRS Manda, non-nuclear prototype, began its shakedown cruise. Both were operated between the Guttuli and Kezan in conjunction with other Shirerithian warships.