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Western Shimmerspring

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Sanaman Antarctic TerritoryWestern ShimmerspringFederal Capital Territory
Western Shimmerspring



Capital Mortis Mercatoria
Largest cities Jakovita, Elder Beacon

  • Total
822,156 (1683)
  • Density
2.63 per km2
  • Rank
2 of 4
Area 312,736 km2
  • Rank
2 of 4

  • Executive
Military Governor
  • Legislative

Federal representation
No senators
No MLs

  • Official
Istvanistani, Sanaman
  • Other
Praeta, others
Local religion Cedrism, others, irreligion
Territorial code WSH

Western Shimmerspring is a federal territory in Sanama, established on 13.IV.1683 following the Trilateral Treaty on Shimmerspring. The territory is currently governed by a civilian Administrator appointed by the federal government, and the Kalisa Rrumëli commander in the territory. Western Shimmerspring is ultimately under military control until the situation is stabilised.