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Dominator-class missile cruiser

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Dominator-class missile cruiser
Dominator-class missile cruiser.png
Dominator-class missile cruiser
Type Guided missile cruiser
Place of origin
In commission TBC
Number built TBD
Designed 1679–1680 AN
Manufacturer Lindström Naval Base Dry Dock (Natopia)
  • Officers – 84
  • NCOs – 75
  • Enlisted – 370
Displacement 11,200-12,500 tons full load
Length 186.4 m
Beam 20.8 m
Propulsion 2-shaft CONAS, 1× DE-3 nuclear marine propulsion system with 2× Faca-688 steam turbines
Speed 32 knots (59 km/h)
Range 1,900 km at 30 knots
Boats & landing craft carried 2
Sensors and processing systems
  • GTC ES-11: fire control radar
  • GTC ES-21: Panopticon Suite
  • GTC ES-27: Froyalan Synthetic Aperture / Moving Target Indication (SAR/MTI) radar
  • GTC ES-29: Active Phased Array Radar
  • GTC ES-31: Straylight hull-mounted sonar suite
Electronic warfare & decoys
Aircraft carried Accommodation for two helicopters or one GAV-5(P) Nereid
Aviation facilities
  • Large Camel capable flight deck
  • Enclosed hangar
  • Facilities for UAVs
Notes Flexible mission bay