Organisation of Red Symbol Societies

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Organisation of Red Symbol Societies
Headquarters Svorgas, Senya
Official language(s) Istvanistani
Type Humanitarian
 - Secretary-General TBC
 - Deputy Secretary-General TBC
 - Main assembly Annual Meeting
Establishment 1682
Membership 9 members
Organisation website @@int/orss
Organisation forum MicrasWiki

The Organisation of Red Symbol Societies (ORSS) was founded in 1682 and acts as an international cooperative organisation for national humanitarian red symbol organisations. It was founded by the Red Orchid Society from Elwynn and the Red Sun and Moon Society from Sanama.


In 1681, the Elwynnese–Sanaman border saw an accident by the East Aros border crossing. A pipeline began leaking on the Elwynnese side of the border, causing an oil spill to spread across the border area. For some reason, the oil was ignited, spreading fast along the spill area. Border patrols on both sides of the border, as well as truckers and other people on the border area were caught up in the flames.

With an evident lack of crisis mentality in the local governments around the area, who all assumed that the border was safe due to the Raspur Pact, the matter was quickly confused with jurisdictional issues when ambulances and staff from Red Orchid Society from Elwynn and the Red Sun and Moon Society the and other rescue staff appeared at the scene. Representatives of the two societies immediately recognised the need for greater cooperation.

The accident caused the death of 13 people, with many more injured.

The first general meeting of the ORSS was held in East Aros, and a monument was erected to commemorate the dead and injured as well as the dawning of a new era of humanitarian cooperation. A temporary secretariat was then set up in Allswell, pending the establishment of a permanent secretariat in a more neutral territory than both Sanama and Elwynn. Allswell was chosen for its salutogenic name as well as its location being somewhat halfway between Elwynn's and Sanama's capitals Eliria and Sanama City.

In 1683 after Senya joined the organisation, the headquarters was moved permanently to the Senyan capital Svorgas.

Following the commencement of the combat phase of the Sathrati Emergency in 1731 AN, the ORSS was requested by Benacia Command to inspect the conditions of prisoners of war held in Shirerithian captivity, as well as to instigate mechanisms for the parole and exchange of prisoners via neutral countries (where Sanama and Northbloom had volunteered their services in this regard).


Nation Organisation Founded Membership year
Alduria Alduria Red Sun Society (Alduria) Red Sun Society 1671 1683
Craitland Craitland Red Pentangle Society (Craitland) Red Pentangle Society 1645 1683
Elwynn Elwynn Red Orchid Society (Elwynn) Red Orchid Society 1623 1682
Gran Verionia Gran Verionia Red Star Society (Gran Verionia) Red Star Society 1675 1683
Natopia Natopia Red Yoke Movement (Natopia) Red Yoke Movement 1683 1683
Sanama Sanama Red Sun and Moon Society (Sanama) Red Sun and Moon Society 1666 1682
Sathrati Sathrati Emirati Red Lion and Sun Society (Sathrati) Emirati Red Lion and Sun Society 1682 1683
Senya Senya Red Flare Legion (Senya) Red Flare Legion 1683 1683
Suren Suren Red Lion and Sun Society of Talenore Red Lion and Sun Society of Eura 1687 1687
Talenore Talenore Red Lion and Sun Society of Talenore Red Lion and Sun Society of Talenore 1682 1683
Thraci Confederation Thraci Confederation Red Crescent and Moon Society (Thraci Confederation) Red Crescent and Star Society 1683 1683

Membership is open to other red-symbol societies, with the following rules:

  • The society must work for humanitarian aid and relief, assist victims of disasters, promote public health and wellbeing, and provide for prisoners of war.
  • The society must adhere to the principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
  • The society must be a non-profit organisation.
  • The society must employ a red symbol.
  • Only one society per state/nation.
  • New society memberships must be approved by the existing members in a 4/5 majority vote.

The Red Lion and Sun Society of Talenore, the Emirati Red Lion and Sun Society in Sathrati and the Red Star Society in Gran Verionia were admitted as members at the 1683 annual meeting.


The Jingdaoese state has issued harsh criticism towards the organisation. It has stated that neutrality is not possible in conflicts and that claiming independence from the state is a covert call for rebellion. The Jingdaoese Imperial Armed Forces have been issued orders to treat members of the societies on the battlefield as hostile soldiers who are to be shot at sight.

While not going as far as Jingdao, the organisation has been banned in Alrig as well. The Council of Driftwood found similar issue with the claims of independence and impartiality. It stated that any organisation that places its own ideology above the laws of the land, is an unlawful organisation.

The Executive Committee of the organisation issued a statement in response to the criticism, saying that humanitarianism and aid to those afflicted by war, famine and disasters should not be a matter of controversy but rather a universal calling for all peoples. The committee also stressed the impartial, non-partisan and non-religious nature of the organisation and its member societies, while pledging continued fidelity to its founding principles.

The government of Sanama issued a statement regarding the Jingdaoese position, saying that any attack upon humanitarian relief personnel would be considered a crime against humanity.