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Red Star Society

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The logo of the Red Star Society

The Red Star Society (Martino: Sociedad de la Estrella Roja), is a Verionian humanitarian organisation. The Society was founded in 1675 in a response to the Great Disaster to provide humanitarian assistance and immediate aid to the affected territories. The Society was inspired by and modelled after the Red Orchid Society in Elwynn. Originally active in Verionian Benacia, the organisation expanded to South East Keltia, as well as to Los Liberados. As of 1682, it is established in Santa Regina, in Gran Verionia.

The Red Star Society uses as its symbol a red Star of Verion, the symbol of the Verionist movement, as well as Verionist-inspired states.

Since 1683, it has been a member of the Organisation of Red Symbol Societies.

(It would presumably survive in Calbion, as of 1703 AN, if anywhere.)