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Laws of Drak-Modan are passed by The Fury, the unicameral legislature of the Republic of Drak-Modan. It was first convened in 1671 following the Declaration of Drakorda that separated Drak-Modan from Shireroth. During its first session it passed a core set of laws that formed the Drak-Modani government. The laws and government of Drak-Modan are purposefully modeled on that of Natopia.

In 1679, the Fury repealed the Core Act and replaced them with a Constitution. The Regular Acts were amended and codified into the Drakic Code to reflect the new republican form of government as well.

The Fury of 1684, elected after riots and protests against Teimuraz's tyranny, will amend several sections of the Constitution and Drakic Code.

A major overall of the constitution and laws happened in 1690-91, during the rise of Draconian supremacy.

The Constitution of Drak-Modan

Amended by the Fury in 1690

We, the learned and common peoples of Drak-Modan, hereby establish and ordain this Constitution so that we may prosper and live in peace, so that we may protect our ideals and dreams, so that we may provide stability for posterity. It is by public opinion that our personal sovereignty is to be entrusted to the government of this Bovic Draconian State in Modan.

Article One - Establishment

  1. The people of Drak-Modan are represented by this government, the Bovic Draconian State in Modan.
    1. The common name of the state is Drak-Modan.
  2. The Bovic Draconian State in Modan is proud of its Shirerithian history. It recognizes Salome as the only Kaiseress of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth and places her equal to the co-monarchs in matters of Protocol.
  3. The Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints is the state church of Drak-Modan. All public officials and civil servants must be registered Reorganized Bovics and regular attendees of Herds.

Article Two - The Co-Chancellors

  1. The Co-Chancellors are the Heads of Government, head of the executive branch, and head of the legislature.
  2. The Co-Chancellors will enforce the will of the People by executing the Laws passed by the Fury.
  3. The Co-Chancellors will jointly appoint various ministers to their cabinet to carry out the will of the People and the laws of the Fury.
  4. Ministers for domestic affairs, internal security, and justice, must be appointed by the Co-Chancellors. Further officers may be appointed at the Co-Chancellors' discretion.
  5. The Co-Chancellors are elected by a majority of the members of the Fury and serves for life, until they resign, or are removed from office.
    1. The Co-Chancellors can resign or be removed independent of each other.
  6. In times of emergency, panic, or for expediency, the Co-Chancellors may jointly issue decrees that have the force of law.
    1. Emergency chancellorial-decrees can be overturned by a simply majority of the Fury.

Article Three - The Fury

  1. The Fury of Drak-Modan is the legislature of the Bovic Draconian State.
  2. The Co-Chancellors may preside over the Fury, or appoint a Speaker.
  3. Laws are passed by the Fury by a simple majority of Members present.
  4. The Drakic Code is the body of enacted and enforced laws passed by the Fury.
  5. The Fury may overturn a chancellorial decree with a three-fourths majority of Members present.
  6. 400 Representatives are elected from 400 constituencies drawn around equal populations and with compact borders.
    1. Special constituencies may be created without the equal population requirement around Straight Protection Zones.
  7. The Fury will establish its own parliamentary procedures.
  8. Elections for the Fury occur every six years.

Article Four - The Co-Monarchs

  1. The Co-Monarchs are the Heads of State, grand commanders of the Drak-Modani Defense Force, and heads of the judiciary.
  2. The Co-Monarchs derive authority by their legal possession of a Crown, each representing important contributors to Drak-Modani history. Each Crown has separate and distinct inheritance histories, lines of succession, and possible heirs.
    1. The Crown of Draconia is inherited through the Drak & Waffel-Paine line, originating from John Hilding Waffel-Paine and still in his possession.
    2. The Crown of Malarboria is inherited through the Drakland line, originating from Kizzy Drakland, to Nathan II, to Andrea Drakland, and now in the possession of Loki Drakspunk.
  3. The Co-Monarchs jointly set foreign and military policy of the State.
    1. The Co-Monarchs appoint a Secretary for foreign affairs, defense, and law to assist them.
  4. The Co-Monarchs may summon the Co-Chancellors to form an ad hoc Council of the Tetrarchs.
    1. Decisions of the Council of the Tetrarchs require all four signatures and are added to the Drakic Code as laws for 2 years, after which they expire unless approved by The Fury.

Article Five - The Demesnes

  1. Drak-Modan is a unitary State divided into Demesnes. Only an Act of the Fury may divide land into demesnes, create new demesnes, or merge existing demesnes.
  2. The Royal Family Council shall govern the demesnes according to the Draconian agenda with an aim to be as humane, understanding, and tolerant as heterosexuals have been to queer folx.
  3. The demesnes are: the Duchy of Kizshire, the Duchy of Capeshire, the Duchy of Sehmlshire, and the Kingdom of Draconia.

Article Six - The Superior Court

  1. The Co-Monarchs shall preside over the Superior Court of the State, which shall be the court of last appeal, and final interpreter of the constitution and laws of Drak-Modan.
  2. The membership of the Superior Court is composed of the Co-Monarchs and the Superior Judge of each subordinate court as established by law.
  3. The decisions of the Superior Court are made by a simple majority vote and cannot be overturned except by a later decision of the court.

Chancellorial Decrees

  1. To Direct the Benacian Bovic Church to establish Missions to the cowless heathens of Shimmerspring, to offer citizenship to Shimmerspringers who bathe in the milk of our lord Bous, and to authorize final baptism to those who insist on their barbarous faith. (Expired)
  2. To delay the 1689 elections until 1690.
  3. To delay the 1689 elections again until 1691.

Drakic Code

Passed Type Title Status Summary
1671 Treaty Raspur Pact Ratification In force
  1. Drak-Modan asserts its status as an inheritor to full membership in the Raspur Pact.
  2. Drak-Modan, nevertheless, in its own right ratifies the Raspur Pact and recommits itself to that alliance.
1671 Law Drak-Modani Defense Force Act In force, amended 1690
  1. The military of the State is the Drak-Modani Defense Force and the Co-Monarchs are commanders-in-chief.
  2. The Co-Monarchs' appointed Secretary for Defense shall administer the Defense Force and serve as military representative as needed to the Joint Military Commission of the Raspur Pact.
  3. Various local militias of the demesnes may, by decree of the Co-Monarchs, be integrated into the Defense Force for temporary periods of time.
  4. The Defense Force shall maintain a standing Army, Navy, and Air Force capable of defending the territorial integrity of the State and the State's security.
  5. The Defense Force will be organized to allow for the formation of combined armed corps and interoperability with the military units of other Pact allies, with particular integration required for the Natopian Defense Force.
1671 Law Subordinate Courts Act In force, amended 1690
  1. The Subordinate Court of Criminal Law is established with jurisdiction over felonious cases, heinous crimes, when the republic is plaintiff on behalf of victims, and other high crimes.
    1. This court shall sit in Lyhigh, it is composed of a Superior Judge and two assistant judges.
  2. The Subordinate Court of Civil Law is established with jurisdiction over minor cases, financial crimes, non-violent offenses, and other misdemeanors.
    1. This court shall sit in Modan Hamlet, it is composed of a Superior Judge and two assistant judges.
  3. The Subordinate Court of Constitutional Law is established with jurisdiction over cases between the republic's agencies, and its citizens, and all other cases outside the jurisdiction of the other subordinate courts.
    1. This court shall sit in Kurpla, it is composed of a Superior Judge and two assistant judges.
  4. The judges of these subordinate courts are appointed by the Co-Monarchs from a list of 16 candidates provided to them by a national organization of attorneys.
    1. After one full year, at the next available election, the judges shall be retained or ousted according to the will of the voters in that demesne.
1671 Law Order of the Emberbark Act In force, amended 1690
  1. There shall be an order of honor and merit established within the State to honor and reward those people who serve this State and its people.
  2. The name of this order is: The Radiant Order of the Emberbark, and the Co-Monarchs shall be Sovereigns of this order.
  3. The Co-Monarchs shall name various members of this order into two grades:
    1. Knight or Dame of the Order of the Emberbark (KOE/DOE)
    2. Commander of the Order of the Emberbark (COE)
  4. Certain individuals shall have automatic membership in this Order ex officio, as follows:
    1. The Head of the House of Drak & Waffel-Paine, with the rank of Commander.
    2. The Avatar of the House of Waffel-Paine, with the rank of Commander.
    3. The Patriarch of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion, with the rank of Commander.
    4. The current and past Prophet-Presidents of the Reorganized Church of Bous of Modern-Day Saints, as Knight or Dame.
    5. Past Co-Chancellors, as Knight or Dame.
1671 Law State Symbols Act In force, amended 1690
  1. The flag of Drak-Modan shall be a field of black with bands of purple and green at the top and bottom edges, with the emblem of a bull's face.
  2. The seal of Drak-Modan shall be green and purple triangles with a bull's head.
    1. The heraldic Achievement, which must feature the Seal, shall be created at the discretion of the Co-Monarchs to represent their authority.
  3. The motto of the State is Pralipe Opre! which is Draconian for Brotherhood Arise!
  4. The anthem of the State is the Bovic hymn "The Spirit of Cow Like Butter is Melting."
  5. Salome Ayreon-Kalirion--and her rightful heirs on the Mango Throne--is a living symbol of the shared Shirerithian heritage on the Benacian continent.
1674 Law Naval Defense Procurement Act In force
  1. The Drak-Modani Defense Force is authorized to order and purchase several naval vessels from the West Bay NDF Shipyards.
  2. The Drak-Modani Navy shall have at least one Gustav Lindstrom-class aircraft carrier with a full complement of N-1 fighters, 2 Natopia-class destroyers, 1 Unterdu-class submarine
  3. The aircraft carrier will be christened as the Drak-Modani Ship Drak Attack; the destroyers as the DMS Sehml's Revenge and DMS Enforced Peace, and the submarine as DMS Prince John.
  4. The Navy shall choose an appropriate hull paint scheme to differentiate Drak-Modani vessels from others.
  5. The Navy, along with consultation with the Raspur Pact Benacia Command, shall review the needs for further expansion of the Navy every 3rd year.
1674 Law Sanama Treaty and 5 Isles Cessation Act In force
  1. The Treaty of Amity and Cooperation between Sanama and Drak-Modan is hereby ratified.
  2. The Kingdom commits itself to peaceful interactions and fruitful cooperation with the Democratic Federation of Sanama in all mutual beneficial endeavors.
  3. The five So-Saran islands closest to Sanama are hereby separated from the demesne of So-Sara and formally ceded to the Democratic Federation of Sanama.
1674 Law Treaty of Mutual Defence between the Raspur Pact and Sanama Act Superseded by Sanaman entry to Raspur Pact
  1. The Treaty of Mutual Defence between the Raspur Pact and Sanama is hereby ratified.
  2. The Kingdom commits itself to peaceful interactions and fruitful cooperation with the Democratic Federation of Sanama in all mutual beneficial endeavors.
1682 Law Kingdom of Draconia Act Superseded by Draconian elevation to demesne
  1. The island of Nel Modan is separated from the demesne of So-Sara and granted autonomous rights as the Kingdom of Draconia.
  2. The Kingdom of Draconia shall administer its own internal affairs and protect the Draconian culture with its autonomy.
  3. The King of the Draconians is considered a foreign head of state for protocol and customs while in the rest of the republic.
1689 Resolution To establish a plebiscite In force
  1. The residents living in So-Sara and Sehmlshire shall be called to their local polling place in one month to answer the following question in the affirmative or negative.
  2. "Should the Sanaman military be permitted to enter these territories for the purpose of controlling insurgency and piracy?"
  3. The result of this vote shall be binding.
1690 Constitutional Constitutional Amendments Act In force
  1. Various changes to the Constitution of Drak-Modan are ratified.
1690 Law Demesne Reorganization Act In force
  1. The areas of Sehmlshire and So-Sara that voted to approve Sanaman foreign intervention shall be removed from the Bovic Draconian State.
  2. The border between Sehmlshire and Kizshire is restored to its status before the Pacification of Eastern Shimmerspring.
  3. The autonomous kingdom of Draconia and the surrounding islands that remain under Drak-Modani jurisdiction, are organized into the demesne of Draconia with Dracoheim as its capital.
  4. The demesnes of Kizshire, Capeshire, and Sehmlshire are duchies and Draconia maintains its status as a kingdom.
  5. The Co-Monarchs and their Royal Consorts (the Royal Family Council) shall each administer a demesne as its duke or duchess, shall be responsible for appointing counts, establishing a legislature, and promoting the Draconian agenda.
    1. The demesnes are each subdivided into four counties, and counties are subdivided into any number of baronies.
    2. Barons are elected from the residents of the barony to serve as a chief civic executive.
    3. Cities and towns are classified as urban baronies.
1690 Law Conversion Camps and Kinsey Testing Act In force
  1. Kinsey Testing Sites shall be established in the demesnes and administered by the demesnes.
  2. The government of a demesne may compel any resident of that demesne to undergo Kinsey testing, either to establish a one-time score or maintain regular testing.
    1. Kinsey test results may be used by the national and demesne governments for a variety of purposes, such as issuing permits, licenses, passports, and other documents.
  3. Testing results shall be a public record, and those that score 0 shall be sent from the testing site to a conversion camp.
  4. Conversion Camps will be established in the demesnes to re-educate and de-program toxic heteronormative behavior.
1691 Law Straight Protection Zones Act In force
  1. Each demesne shall set aside 10 square miles of land for Drak-Modani citizens who choose to be heterosexual and reject the Draconian agenda.
  2. Drak-Modani citizens living in these protection zones shall be free to live the heterosexual lifestyle without harm or reprisal.
  3. Heterosexual culture shall be permitted within these zones, if otherwise not permitted by Fury legislation.
  4. A Fury constituency shall be drawn around each of these zones to permit this small minority to have a voice in the national legislature.
  5. The government of each demense is responsible for the welfare of its citizens living in these zones.
  6. Residents of the zones shall be responsible for their own policing and governing.
1691 Law Bovic Marriage Act In force
  1. The practice of Bovic marriage is the standard form of civil union within the State.
    1. A Bovic marriage consists of two, three, or four people only married to each other.
  2. Each barony of a demesne will maintain the marriage records of its residents.
  3. No person shall be married before their 18th birthday.
  4. Bovic marriages will be performed by local Reorganized Herd Leaders registered with the barony in which they reside or practice.
  5. Divorce shall be permitted and granted by the baronial court where the divorcing parties primarily reside.
    1. Divorce will terminate the union for all parties in the marriage, unless under extreme circumstances permitted by the baronial judge where an abusive partner needs to be removed from the partnership.
1691 Law Family Council Regulations Act In force
  1. The Family Council is the basic unit of society and shall be assumed to be integral to the lives of all Drak-Modani citizens.
  2. The Family Council consists of the two, three, or four adults who are married to each other and all biological and adopted children involved.
  3. A child can only be a member of one Family Council.
  4. If a child results from surrogacy, sperm or egg donations, in vitro fertilizations, or any other liaisons where genetic material from outside the Family Council is introduced, a binding contract between the sperm and egg contributors must be signed 30 days after doctor-confirmed fertilization stating which Family Council the baby will be raised in.
    1. Failure to sign this contract will result in the termination of the embryo.
    2. In all special cases where a child cannot be assigned to a Family Council, or disagreements between parents arise, the baronial courts will assign the child to a Family Council.
  5. A child is a member of their Family Council until the day of their first marriage, at which point a new Family Council is formed.
1691 Law Draconian Status Act In force
  1. Under Drak-Mondani law, being designated as a Draconian carries certain legal rights and privileges.
  2. The Draconians are an ethno-cultural group that descend from the ancient brothel workers of Dracoheim on Nel Modan--now Draconia--and Kaiser Loki I.
  3. The Draconian people are a scattered diaspora with the right of return to Drak-Modan and right to claim citizenship of this State.
  4. As a scattered people, the Draconians intermarried and intermingled with many people during generations of wandering.
  5. As a wandering nation, the Draconians allowed other wanderers, outcasts, orphans, and marginalized peoples to also become Draconians.
  6. Draconian status is normally community-defined, Draconians know themselves and each other and identify each other as Draconians.
    1. Draconian status is inherited by children with Draconian parents, and Draconian status is transmitted by marriage.
  7. Draconian status can be self-declared, two sponsors are required to appear on behalf of the self-declared Draconian to affirm Draconian status.
    1. Sponsors must affirm the applicant supports by Draconian agenda by citing examples of the applicant's Draconian actions.
  8. Draconian status can be legally imposed on an individual or group by an Act of the Fury.
    1. Those who receive Certificates of Successful Conversion are legally Draconian.
  9. Citizens of Drak-Modan who flaunt their strictly heterosexual lifestyle in public shall be compelled to attend Conversion Camps.
1691 Law Draconian Supremacy Act In force
  1. The Draconian people, born from mother Nel and father Loki, perfected on their own humble origin by wandering the world and integrating the peoples of Micras to create a superior Human.
  2. The Draconian people are distinguished among the races on Micras for their pure Humanity and their love of Humanity, with genetic markers to indicate their differences.
  3. All pregnancies shall be approved by Family Councils in such a way as to protect Draconian supremacy and advance Human purity.
    1. If a pregnancy is approved between two Draconians, the embryo shall gestate and be carried to term, receiving neonatal care and vitamins at no cost to the Family Council.
    2. If a pregnancy is approved between one Draconian and a non-Draconian, then the embryo shall undergo a genetic sequencing test. If the test reveals the genetic markers of a Draconian, the embryo shall be carried to term as above.
  4. If an embryo has no genetic markers of a Draconian, it is classified as non-human and the embryo will be destroyed within 24 hours.
    1. During those 24 hours, the parents may leave Drak-Modan at their own expense to carry the abomination to term. Both parents forfeit their property, are stripped of any Draconian status, and barred from returning.