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July 2619 Kuala Forajasaki mosque attack

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Dark Friday Massacre
Location Darul Wasilah Mosque, Kuala Forajasaki, Forajasaki
Target(s) Umraists
Date 21 July RP 2619
Attack type Terrorism
Weapon(s) Molotovs, rifles, grenades, machine guns, machetes
Deaths 162 (including 4 perpetrators)
Injured 283

On 21 July RP 2619, 10 perpetrators has carried out a anti-Umraist massacre in a mosque named Darul Wasilah Mosque in Kuala Forajasaki. 162 people were killed and 283 was injured. The attack was also called "Dark Friday Massacre" by many Forajasakian social media users.


The Darul Wasilah Mosque is an mosque built in -141BP, making it one of the oldest mosque located in Kuala Forajasaki. The mosque mainly attended by over 500 people even during daily prayers, Friday prayers, Tarawih prayers, Eid prayers and other events.

Since late RP 2618, anti-Umraist terrorism in the Phineonesian Confederation is rising through social media.

One of the perpetrators, Khalif 'Abd-ul Uzza' bin Abdul Rahman was an internet critic, an Shintarian, an ex-Umraist, and tweets anti-Umraist tweets. He once tweets a Tweeter tweet saying that he vows to challenge the Holy Quran saying about the punishment of Allah upon those who attempted to destroy Umraist places.

The attack

On the midday of 21 July, at 1:00PM, 10 perpetrators drove to Darul Wasilah Mosque with an grey car and parked near the football field next to the mosque. They wore traditional Phineaner clothes as disguise. The before and during attack were livestreamed by Khalif himself for 37 minutes.

Before they carried out the massacre, Khalif played anti-Umraist songs on a car. He thens parks the car at 12:45PM and waits. At 1:05PM, they entered the mosque and were greeted by an security guard. They then shot an security guard 5 times for 'disrupting their plan'. They entered the mosque during the second rak'a of Friday prayer according to one worshipper. As soon they entered the mosque's sahn, one of the perpetrators throw an molotov into the crowd killing 45 people however another one attempt to throw an molotov and grenade but were stopped by 7 people and then killing himself and 7 people after detonating the grenade. 3 perpetrators then shoots many people. Other 2 goes inside of multipurpose hall and kills many people with machet. One of them then were chased by 12 people until he goes outside the mosque and were killed after being hit by a car while another one were shot by 2 cops. After the prayer were finished, the remaining people attempts to disperse however the grenade was thrown into the main hall and kills 57 people while others were attacked by the perpetrators.

At 1:20PM, 45 Royal Forajasakian Police cops and 23 Phineonesian Red Crescent Society members arrived at the scene and the remaining 6 perpetrators separated into 3 and Khalif and other 2 perpetrators escaped through the stolen taxi and drives away while other escaped through the grey car. Khalif and other 2 perpetrators were chasen for 10 minutes then the taxi car accidentally hits a tree and they were seriously injured and then were arrested.


The victims listed according to the Phineonesian Red Crescent Society:

Nation Fatalities
Forajasaki Forajasaki 38
Hurmu Hurmu 53
Phinbella Phinbella 45
New Batavia New Batavia 23
Sanpantul Sanpantul (Çakaristan Çakaristan) 2
Daau Daau 1



On July 22, RP 2619, Khalif's cousin were arrested in Kuala Forajasaki City Centre Mall. 3 other suspects (the weapons dealer, the hired driver to pick up the perpetrators and an Nazarene priest) were also arrested. According to Khalif's cousin, he said that he have 1,000,000 ringgit and said Khalif has planned to conduct the attack ten days ago and book the time and location then Khalif has ask his cousin to rent the car and contact his friends to join. He then bought machetes from the store, grenades and rifles from online. According to an driver, he said that at 12:30pm, some minutes before the tragedy, 3 perpetrators including Khalif 'Abd-ul Uzza' arrives at Kuala Forajasaki International Airport and he was hired to pick them up and they go to his cousin's house and pick up weapons. According to Nazarene priest, he purposely said "Lord, send death threats on the Umraists. Lord, take away their souls. Lord, give the countries opposing the Umraist victory." during a morning service on the day the incident happened.

On 9pm, an perpetrator and his brother was arrested in an motel in Harikari district in Shintaro during a raid by 12 DS Corps members. The perpetrator's brother later were confirmed as a demon after an blood test. During the interrogation with on of the perpetrators, it is confirmed that the one of the perpetrators' name is Zahan Farvardi and originated from Elluenuueq, the constituent state of Benacian Union. Zahan saids that he came here secretly with his fake passport by entering Phinbella through Oriental Taemhwan, then enters Forajasaki through Shintaro in attempt to spread Zurvanism in July RP 2618. He said as soons he enters Shintaro, he was almost captured by Umraist State of Keltia but escaped. He thens met Khalif in Shintaro and became close friends. Few weeks ago before the tragedy, Khalif invites him to attacks mosques in Harikari district but many of them has civilian checkpoints. After they find some mosques on internet, they found a suitable place but the place is very far and they have to make preparations.

During investigations, it seems the Phineonesian Red Crescent Society and Royal Forajasakian Police has found an unfinished part of red forest cake mixed with blood in a table in the mosque cafeteria.

On 23 July RP 2619, the identify of 4 dead perpetrators was confirmed and their names are: Abdul-Zurvan Hasani, Zamani Emamah, Abdul Hassanul bin Awang and Ebrahim Dastgah. 2 of them are from Suren, one from Forajasaki and one of them are from Constancia despite their nationalities are not listed and still count as Forajasakians. The 3 deceased perpetrators may be associated with Nationalist and Humanist Party as seen through their tattoos of the flag.

At 4:20PM, an perpetrator was detained for attempt to steal an mosque's donation box. The perpetrator's name revealed as Johan Jasharanti, and he was from Unified Governorates.

On 26 July RP 2619, an perpetrator was arrested while trying to commit suicide bombing in Masjid Agung Nur Watan, Negara Awan. The perpetrator was identified as Dushman Barzadi and he was from Elluenuueq.





Funeral procession

Umraist terrorism actions

Proposal/Suggestions to be incorporated with Hurmu

Due to the attack fatalities involving Hurmudans, it was suggested by most people in Tanah Tonanhyori for Phineonesian Confederation to be incorporated with Hurmu, as it will decrease crime rates.