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Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya

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Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya
Flag of Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya.png
Also known as Umraist State of Keltia, USOK
General information
Founder Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani
Founded 31 December -7BP
Active -7BP-present
Headquarters Itsunomi Mountains District, Oriental Taemhwan, Phinbella
Slogan دُوْلَتُنَا أَحْيَتْ لَنَا بَيْنَ الظُّلَامِ النُّوْرًا
(Our state revived us between the darkness and light)
Ideology Jamalullailism
Salafi jihadism
Type Terrorist organization
Size 1,920,500
Active regions Phinbella (in Oriental Taemhwan through Itsunomi Mountains District, Rōmandie District and Rhodes and Karafuto Area District, and Permata Mutiara)
Forajasaki (in most areas in Barbara, Tabui and Shintaro)
Allies Hizbul Saghir (affiliate, now disbanded)
Gerakan Kesultanan Phinbella (affiliate)

Phineonesian Confederation Phineonesian Confederation

Designated as a terrorist group by Phineonesian Confederation Phineonesian Confederation
Motive/Objective Seeking to remove all 'falsehood' things and spread the 'truth' by the end of the world

The Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya (Arboric: جماعة الجهادية في كلتية, Common Tongue: Congregation of Jihad in the Continent of Keltia) or Umraist State of Keltia is an Umraist terrorist militant organization based in Phineonesian Confederation dedicated to established an Umraist state in Keltia. The organization was formed in 31 December -7BP on 1 Ramadan 1418H.

The organization seeks to clean Keltia which their members believed that it is infected by the "Livvist disease" and was in fact a large threat to the world. They strictly follows the Jamalullailist-Salafist branch of Sunni Umraism and seeks to form an Umraist state based 'on the Prophetic methodology'.

Purpose and strategy


Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya is a theocratic 'state' and Salafi jihadist organization. They follows the ideology of Jamalullailism which was founded by Abdullah Iradhani bin Abdul Rahman Al-Jamalullail but mostly do not prefered to be called 'Jamalullailists'. They aim to return to the previous days of Umraism and reject any falsehood things and innovations.


Their goal is to establish the Umraist state based on the prophetic methodology. According to their organization-owned Common Tongue magazine "Wahdat", they will continue to seize lands until they take Keltia.



Leadership and governance

USOK was headed and run by a self-styled Emir. From -7BP to -3BP, the organization was runned by Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani. Abu Ilyas was known for legalizing executions with only beheading and shooting, imposing full sharia and jihad. He died in February 27 -3BP after his house was raided by Forajasakian Armed Forces and was shot. He then were succeeded by his cousin Abu Ahmad Al-Barbari, who run this organization until -1BP. Abu Ahmad was known for edict an special Umraist tax payed by non-Umraists, transforming a small organization's surau into organization's large mosque for a week, establish organization's madrasas and schools and expanding use of media. He died in August 27 -1BP from asthma and was succeed by his son Abu Nar Al-Barbari, who lead this organization to RP 2604. Abu Nar was known for legalize execution methods with anything, rebrand the organization to USTK (Umraist State of Keltia) in September RP 2602 and enact military-recruit ads. He died in September 13, RP 2603 after he was assassinated by an Phinbellan spy during Subuh prayer. He then were succeeded by his son Abu Jafar Al-Barbari, who lead this organization until RP 2613. He died in January 13, RP 2613 after airstrike by Phinbellan military. He then was succeeded by his son Abu Amin Al-Barbari



Use of media

The organization "USOK" are known for excessive use of propaganda. USIK videos are mostly accompanied by nasheeds.

Traditional media

On -7BP, shortly after the founding of USOK, an media wing was established called "Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya Media Productions", which produces CDs, VCDs, tapes, posters, pamphlets and other propaganda products and official statements. In -1BP, the media presences was rebranded with Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya Media Productions rebranded into Al-Būraq Media Foundation, USIK's game producing studio al-Insani Game Studios was established, Al-Mulk Broadcasting Foundation which broadcast television and radio. Al-Khairat Foundation for Nasheed Productions was established in RP 2603, an second media wing called Al-Malahim Media Productions was established in RP 2607.

On mid-RP 2610, an media wing Ar-Ramad Media Center was established which targets audiences outside Phineonesian Confederation and produces materials in other languages.

Social media

USOK was known infamously for releasing videos or photographs of prisoners being executed. They are also known for their nasheeds

In late RP 2618 and early RP 2619, most ShortVid videos using USIK nasheeds and USIK's nasheeds became effective.


Founding and early years (-7BP--5BP)

Ahmad Hashim bin Rashid, an Phinbellan-born Forajasakian, attend school in Barbara and was constantly and mostly bullied during middle school due to his ancestor's extreme creed beliefs. One day, Hashim stumbles upon an book which talks about Jihad, Sharia law and Hudud. This inspire him which he thinks that killing his bullies who screws him is 'jihad', so he buy explosives and put it on the school storage room. One day, when he was forced by his bullies to give them balls, Hashim lock the bullies and explode the school store and uncover it as a 'accident'. He then gathers his friends in his secret religious talks every Saturday night in a secret hall. After graduating from school, he change his name to Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani, go back to his hometown, gather all of his 329 friends and form Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya in 31 December -7BP which the date was the first day of fasting. He then launch a first attack on 1 January -6BP in Itsunomi Mountain District attacking an military base killing 83 people and capturing 62 people. He release an statement which declare jihad on Forajasakians and other countries as they considered them 'infidels'. On 28 January -6BP, four terrorists attacked Tian Farao Temple in Kuala Forajasaki during Jingdaoese Lunar New Year killing 89 people and injuring 72 people. On April -6BP, the organization has extended to the northern area of Barbara. On 27 May -6BP, the group has executed an Taemhwanian journalist on-tape making it the first execution video released by Jamaah Al-Jihadiyah fi Kiltiya. On 1 June -6BP, it invades the smallest part of Permata Mutiara. On 10 July -6BP, the organization execute 28 people on-tape.

On 25 August -6BP, 2 terrorists attempted to bomb the National Museum of Forajasaki's compound however were chased by 7 security guards but the terrorists blew himself up in car park. Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani give condolences to these terrorists.

On 1 September -6BP, 532 terrorists attempted to launch an coup d'état in Borges, the state capital in Barbara but 132 were killed and the entire 432 were arrested and executed for treason. On September -6BP, the group has claim the 42% northern part of Shintaro.

On 22 January -5BP, the group has kidnapped over 100 Vers Empire soldiers calling them 'Zurvanists'. On 15 February -5BP, the organization has raided Taemhwanian spies' secret compound in Itsunomi Mountains District. On 17 March -5BP, the group executed an Vers Empire citizen on-tape.

Rise of the terrorist organization & Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani's death (-4BP-RP 2600)

In 27 January -4BP, Abu Ilyas At-Taimhwani created his own policy framework in which he plans to establish an Umraist state in Keltia according to his audio recording. Shortly after that, the Department of Umraist Development in Forajasaki released an fatwa that called USOK an deviant organization. On 8 February -4BP, Abu Ilyas was attemptly assassinated by 2 Vers Empire spies but they were captured. On 12 February -4BP, the organization has launch an massacre in Helang 14, an shopping-food-entertainment district in Kuala Forajasaki and killed 474 people claiming it to be 'nests full of sinful and lustful things'. The attack was condemned by the Prime Minister of Forajasaki. On 1 March -4BP, Forajasakian Armed Forces soldiers raid an USOK secret base in Bandar Semarang, Jagor and successfully kill 67 terrorists detains 125 terrorists.

From 28 April-7 May -4BP, the group has conducting a raid the east of Sikin and claiming an new territory called Al-Fursan.

On mid-June -4BP, the Forajasakian Royal Police has reportly detained more than 5,000 of the organization members.

Territorial claims

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