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Benacian Confrontation

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Benacian Confrontation
Date 5.XII.1702 AN– 9.V.1703 AN
Location Chryse (Benacia)
Result Benacian Union operational success.
MTO Micras Treaty Organisation Benacian Union Benacian Union

Jingdao Jingdao (Community within Great Apollonia)

The Benacian Confrontation was a diplomatic dispute originating from the efforts of the Batavian delegation at the Micras Treaty Organisation to organise a resolution[1] condemning a renewed campaign by the Benacian Union to forcibly convert or expel the remaining practitioners of Umraism from its territories by the close of 1702 AN. In spite of the resolution receiving no formal acknowledgement from the Secretariat of the MTO, the Benacian Union nonetheless chose this moment as an opportunity and pretext to withdraw its subject nations, Elluenuueq and the Unified Governorates of Benacia from the organisation. The Benacian Union went further and served notice on 23.XII.1702 AN for the MTO to quit its compound in the Free City of Chryse[2].

The MTO was granted a period of grace for one month, until 23.XIII.1702 AN in which to make arrangements for its own departure and to find a suitable venue for a temporary headquarters. With no imput from the Secretariat, and with members still wrangling over prospective destinations as the deadline loomed, the Benacian authorities in Chryse moved troops and light armoured vehicles from the 16th Vanguard Division up to the perimeter of the MTO compound.[3].

This move did not however have the desired effect of concentrating the minds of the diplomatic corps located within the MTO General Assembly building, and, with the expiry of the deadline, troops from Vanguard Division entered the compound on 5.XIV.1702 AN to effect the removal of those persons located within[4]. Delegates, fetched out by Vanguardists under strict orders to behave with proper restraint throughout, were directed onto a tramp steamer anchored in the harbour, which was subsequently obliged to raise steam and head out into international waters. Those members of the MTO staff, who had not prudently absented themselves prior to this point, were inducted into the Benacian Labour Reserve and sent to undergo Boreal acclimatisation at Cape Farewell, prior to their departure for an unnamed "fascinating infrastructure project" on Leng. The buildings previously occupied by the MTO in the city was placed now under the management of the Honourable Chrysean Trading Company, with a "For Let" sign placed outside.

A few days later, after numerous phone calls and a certain amount of intemperate shouting between representatives of the External Service of the Benacian Union and the officers of the Guild of Magisters-Carnifex, MTO staffers with citizenship in member states of either the Raspur Pact or the Xäiville Convention were returned from Cape Farewell to Chryse, placed into hotels overnight, given hot food, warm showers, and a fresh change of clothes, before being bussed over the border into Ransenar on the following morning where they were released.

The anti-Umraist action would conclude with the Osman-Spiik Accord, whereby Hurmu, in return for financial and military aid against Barikalus, undertook to accept and resettle in Apollonian Hurmu those remaining Umraists who had refused the Union Covenant.

International reaction

  • Jingdao Jingdao: The Jingdaoese Community expressed concern over the international community's meddling in domestic affairs of a sovereign state. The Grand Secretariat pointed out that the Union's move was a necessary step to cleanse the world from a heathen religion. The Heavenly Light congratulated the Benacian leadership for their move towards true purity by sending a group of eight Umraist bound servants in shackles to Chryse.