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Avon-El is an Elwynnese noble family. Many of its famous members form the Avon-El branch of the Ayreon-Kalirion family.


Avon-El was the surname of Joshua Avon-El, who married into the Ayreon-Kalirion family by marrying Naomi Andelarion of Hurmu (the daughter of Cashmaiel Andelarion and Gunhild Butardottar).

Joshua traced his ancestry to the Elwy scholar Padraig (Padari in Elw) in Treesia. One of the first native Elw people to rise in the Treesian Unorthodox Church hierarchy in the 1100, he was given the surname Avon-El (Treesian for "River Elwynn").

Genealogy of Avon-El of Ayreon-Kalirion