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Ander Avon-El

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Ander Saborion Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion (Elw: Андер Саборион Авон-Ел Аериоон-Калирион), better known as Ander Avon-El (born in Andelarion, 1620; died in Punta Santiago, 1681), was an Elwynnese academic, diplomat, and former Prince of the Elwynnese Republic (1673–1676). Elwynnese ambassador to Alduria 1678–1681.

Born into the Ayreon-Kalirion dynasty, he was the first cousin of Blackrock governor Jeremiah Avon-El, second cousin of former Shirerithian regent and Natopian empress consort Li Naomiai as well as a descendant of Babkhan shah and kaiser Rashid Shahanshah (Kaiser Ayreon I). He was married to Ristina Marmai, with whom he has a son Johan (b. 1647), a former soldier with Elwynn's Union Defence Force, having after the Second Amokolian War defected to Francia.

An academic of the People's Academy of Elwynn in Eliria, Ander Avon-El devoted his career to the study of Elwynnese literature. He received his PhD in 1645 with the dissertation titled The complex intersection of hierararchies of privilege in Rai Avon El's "Dreams of Yesterday". He thereafter taught literature at the People's Academy in Eliria and became a well-known professor of literature in Elwynn. He wrote regular columns on new Elwynnese literature in various media, and presented TV programmes on Elwynnese literary themes. After the death of Kaiser Ayreon IV, he joined the Ayreonist Independence Party faction of the Elwynnese Popular Front, and became Secretary of Education in the revolutionary Elwynnese transitional government.

In the 1672 Elwynnese princely elections, he was put forward by the Ayreonist Independence Party with support from the Verionist Union. He was elected with a narrow majority in the second round against Conducator Firdaus Abdollahi Mehr, with whom he has had and aims to continue to have a fruitful and constructive relationship. Considered a bridge-builder, Avon-El's campaign focused on uniting the Elwynnese nation in order for it to bring progress, stability and prosperity to Elwynn.

His tenure as prince saw diplomatic progress, Elwynn's role in the Raspur Pact strengthened, and the ensured independence of the Elwynnese Republic. His first major set-back was the establishment of the Northern Commonwealth, which he deeply regretted. He lost the confidence of the legislatures of Alalehzamin and the Congressional Counties in early 1676 after he declared the Council of Eliria's repudiation of the Treaty of Concord illegal. He was subsequently removed from office, and returned to academia. He decided not stand in the 1676 Elwynnese princely elections.

Not long after the inauguration of the new Prince of Elwynn, Ander Avon-El received the surprising news, concurrently, of the cancellation of his tenure with the People's Academy of Elwynn and his no less sudden appointment to teach the Elwynnese classics at the Vankarha Su Mek in Tala. As a former Prince of Elwynn, Ander Avon-El received an honour guard of sixteen cudgellers and a household retinue of twenty-four attendants to accompany him to his exciting new posting on Raikoth.

On the afternoon of 10.I.1678, Ander Avon-El's class (for 7 students) was interrupted by cudgellers who informed the stunned professor that he had been appointed Elwynn's ambassador to Alduria and that he would immediately go there lest he misses the inauguration of the new Aldurian president. Class was cancelled and Avon-El's cudgellers escorted him to the airfield for the flight to Alduria via Eliria (where he briefly met with Prince Frederik Haabye Truls for his letters of credence and instructions on his new diplomatic post). His Raikothin students were later cudgelled and dispatched post-haste to Punta Santiago to serve as the ambassador's aides. The cudgellers who had accompanied Ander Avon-El during his tenure in Tala found postings at the Elwynnese embassy as myriad cultural attaches and suchlike.

On 23.VI.1681, Ander Saborion Avon-El Ayreon-Kalirion was found dead in his bath at the ambassadorial residency in Punta Santiago after hosting a party celebrating Alduria's accession to the Raspur Pact. His body guards all attested that he had drowned. The Commission for Foreign Affairs issued a statement confirming the "tragedy", and stated that "His son's disloyalty is no reflection on his good character, and he will receive a state funeral as a former head of state of the Elwynnese Republic.".