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Sports Institute

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Incontinentia Sports Institute
Founded 2010
Headquarters Incontinentia City
FMF affiliation 2010
EMUFA affiliation 2010
President Craitman H. Pellegrino

The Sports Institute was the governing body for association football in Incontinentia.

The Sports Institute was responsible for the organisation of the Incontinentian national team.


The Sports Institute was created by Ramazan Tarekseev in mid-2010, although the exact date is unknown, to organise the national team for its first ever friendly match against Craitland.

Despite Incontinentia being a Craitish territory on Micras since 2007, there was no organisation of football until three years later after the region developed further from being a trading base. Following then, the Sports Institute organised the national team for qualifying games and friendly matches.

The Sports Institute was disbanded in early 2021 after Incontinentia was annexed into Alduria-Wechua.

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