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Founded 2008
Headquarters Cherry Trees
President Craitman H. Pellegrino

The Craitish Territories Football Association (Cr: Cräiteland Territorieś Futból Äsóciätión, more commonly referred to as the CrTFA, is the umbrella governing body for association football in the Craitish territories of Zandarijn, New Vaduz, Incontinentia and Lakkvia.

The CrTFA is responsible for the oversight of the Zandt League, the NV Cup and the Esimeneliiga via the KZVB, NVFV and Lakkvia Palloliit, respectively, as well as the organisation of the Zandt, New Vaduzian, Incontinentian and Lakkvian national teams.

King Craitman is the de facto head of the CrTFA in his role as CrFA President.


The CrTFA was created by King Craitman as an umbrella organisation for the Craitish territories' football associations in 2008, although the exact date is unknown. The CrTFA initially housed the Liên Đoàn Bóng Đá Chí Nam as New South Vietnam was a Craitish territory at the time. The RNSL came under the organisation of the CrTFA also, during Passas' brief spell under Craitish rule.


The following national football associations are affiliated members of the CrTFA:


The CrTFA is responsible for the overseeing of the following competitions:

Previous competitions

The CrTFA once oversaw the following competitions:

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