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New Vaduz NVFV
Logo of the NVFV
Founded 2007
Headquarters New Vaduz
FMF affiliation 2007
EMUFA affiliation 2007
President Craitman H. Pellegrino

The New Vaduz Football Assoctiation (De: Neu Vaduz Fußball-Verband), more commonly referred to as the NVFV, was the governing body for association football in New Vaduz.

The NVFV was responsible for the management of the NV Cup, New Vaduz's sole club cup competition, as well as the organisation of the national team. The two club teams affiliated to the NVFV originally competed in the Hamland Premier League.


The NVFV was created by King Craitman in late 2007, although the exact date is unknown, after New Vaduz's successful claim on Micras. Following that, the NVFV organised the national team for qualifying games and friendly matches. The NVFV was disbanded in late 2020 after New Vaduz left Micras.


The NVFV was responsible for the organisation of the following competition:

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